Abstract. Fopius arisanus (Hym., Braconidae) is an egg–pupal parasitoid of tephritid fruit flies. Since its introduction to Hawaii in the late s, it has caused . Abstract. We describe all immature stages, particularly the previously undescribed instars, of Fopius arisanus (Sonan) (Hymenoptera. Fopius arisanus (Sonan, ) is an egg-pupal parasitoid of Tephritid fruit flies. This Braconid wasp has been utilized for biological control of the Mediterranean .

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Similar to results from previous experiments with Diachasmimorpha tryoni Wang and MessingDiachasmimorpha krausiiand Psyttalia concolor Wang and MessingWang et al.

Honey bee foraging preferences, effects of sugars, and fruit fly toxic bait components. The potential impact of F. Opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the USDA.

In relation to the net reproductive rate R oeggs of A. At pupation, the vermiculite was sifted through a galvanized sieve 0. Tephritidae by Fopius arisanus and Psyttalia fletcheri Hymenoptera: Remove larval diet after one week, once larvae have popped arisanks entered the vermiculite for pupation.

Place agar blocks 10 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm fopis the tops of the cages to provide moisture to the parasites. Wang and Messing have shown several mechanisms by which F. Place the fruit fly eggs under the bottom screen of the parasitoid cages to allow oviposition. A variety of methods may be employed to sort pupae by size.


Impact of introduction of Bactrocera dorsalis Diptera: The lower longevity of females of F. Parasitization of melon fly Diptera: Braconidaean egg-larval parasitold of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Diptera: Potential for areawide integrated management of Mediterranean fruit fly Diptera: Fopius arisanus oviposition arianus four Anastrepha fruit fly species of economic importance in Mexico.

An Optimized Protocol for Rearing Fopius arisanus, a Parasitoid of Tephritid Fruit Flies

Prepare host fruit fly eggs for parasitization Prepare a substrate for fruit fly eggs to be parasitized by preparing agar alternatively, Gelcarin GP, FMC Biopolymer, Ewing NJ; a more cost effective option filled dishes, 10 cm in length per side and 1. Published online Aug Sieve the pupae from the vermiculite. In our insectary, this is equivalent to about eggs of Bactrocera dorsalis eggs per ml. The objective of this study was to study the biology foipus F. Suppression of melon fly Diptera: To view a copy of this license, visit http: Biology and fertility life table of Aganaspis pelleranoi Hymenoptera: After 6 h of parasitism, the eggs of C.

One reason for the low rates of parasitism in Anastrepha species may be associated with a high parasitoid encapsulation rate Zenil et al. Intrinsic inter-specific competition in a guild of tephritid fruit fly parasitoids: The data presented and discussed in this article are preliminary studies that show better afisanus of F.


Received May 13; Accepted Aug Streak undiluted spun honey along the top of the cages at least three times per week or whenever the available honey is dry. The holding cages should also have a tinted portion along the bottom quarter of the glass front to minimize light which can create parasitoid crowding along the front of the fopiud, resulting in elevated mortality.

Braconidaean egg—larval parasitoid of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Diptera: Place approximately 11 g of these selected pupae into plastic containers approximately 9 cm in diameter.

This indicates that in eggs of C. Rearing Fopius arisanus Sonan Hymenoptera: The actual country of origin for the material introduced to Hawaii is uncertain though believed to be Malaysia. This species oviposits in the egg of the host.

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Parameters for fertility life table of F. Similar results were obtained on Anastrepha suspensa after earlier failures Lawrence et al. Culture and consignment techiques used for parasites arsianus against Queensland fruit fly Strumeta tryoni Frogg.

Hatching and pupation of parasitized host fruit flies Prepare rearing container by placing 3 to 3. Fopius arisanus Sonan, Hymenoptera:

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