APPLICATION FOR REPLACEMENT DOCUMENTS. RF TO BE COMPLETED AT A GARDA STATION. The above-named reported the loss/ destruction or. Complete the Replacement Documents Application Form RF Download the Above forms must be completed at a Garda Station. To assist this process. Rf form. RF APPLICATION FOR REPLACEMENT DOCUMENTS. This application is for the following replacement document(s) (please tick). OFFICE USE.

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If you have just bought a new or imported vehicle or have just acquired a second hand vehicle and you do not intend to use it immediately, you have 21 days from the date of purchase to furnish a declaration of non-use. For vehicles which are not subject to the requirements of the Waste For, End of Life Regulations i.

If a month or more has lapsed between the expiry of your last tax disc or Statutory Off Road Declaration and the month in which you want to tax your vehicle. TF5 — Trailer Card.

Record the name and address of the new owner on rorm Registration Log Book and enclose it with the RF The following is to be submitted:. The following vehicles are exempt from Motor Tax: If your tax class is not listed please contact the Motor Tax Office regarding taxing your vehicle:.

Mayo County Council Mobile

The uses of these plates by motor traders are restricted to prescribed uses in connection with the motor trade. Motor Tax Rates are charged based on the weight of the vehicle. Online Motor Tax Renewal. This Card with the EU logo is for people with disabilities, whether they are drivers or passengers, it allows them to park in designated areas. You will need to rg134 that you have a Garage Code issued by the Vehicle Registration Unit see below.


Appropriate fee Arrears are to be paid for any lapsed months since last taxing or date of sale. Contact the Motor Tax Office for further assistance if required.

Replacing Lost Vehicle Documents

The NDLS can be contacted at or at www. There is no fee charged for this. You can change your address online but only as part of an online motor tax transaction. The Declaration of Non Use application cannot be accepted if it is submitted late or if arrears are owed.

The following are currently not available for, Irish versions. The following is to be submitted: You cannot tax your vehicle over the phone without this number. The applicant must complete Form RF declaring what documents ff134 lost and have this form rrf134 and stamped by a member of An Garda Siochana. A change of ownership can be processed in conjunction with a tax application or a Statutory Off The Road Declaration.

Since onwards, all cars 4 years and over are tested.

You can phone Cork County Council at to avail of this service. To Tax You will need the following: Contact phone numbers are and Vehicles are to be taken free of charge by the ATF and they will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction that will confirm that your vehicle is being de-polluted and dismantled in an environmentally safe manner.

Replacement Documents

Alternatively, you can declare your vehicle off the road at www. The Disabled Drivers and Passengers Scheme provide a range of tax reliefs linked to the purchase and use of vehicles vorm disabled drivers and disabled passengers in Ireland.

  DIN 17230 PDF

Vehicles that can be taxed Online: Motor Tax rates can be found on the Motor Tax Rf1134 website. Vehicles which are used exclusively for mountain and cave rescue purposes, vehicles which are used exclusively for underwater search and recovery purposes. Contact phone number is A SORD is automatically cancelled when a vehicle is sold. Your details will then be updated on the computer records and the Registration Log Book endorsed and returned to you.

TF — This form should be dorm by both the buyer fkrm the seller of the Trailer. They can be found on www. To facilitate people who wish to avail of the Motor Taxation online service, but do not have access to a computer or smartphone, Cork County Council have introduced a facility to tax vehicles by telephone. Retain Part C of the RF Since Junecars over 10 years old are tested each year.

Form RF (PDF) – Motor Tax

You can also phone 01 or email info ncts. If this document is missing then Form RF also needs to be signed and stamped at your local Garda Station. Change of Ownership of a Trailer It is important to remember that the onus is always on the seller to ensure that the Change of R134 notification is completed correctly and submitted without delay to the Motor Tax Office.

Motor Tax Renewal Options. Owner and Location of Weighbridges:

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