Conformal and Formality are both formal equivalence tools – they check that two circuit descriptions are functionally the same. They both have. 2, Synopsys Inc. introduced Formality, the industry’s first formal verification tool for equivalency checking of million-gate, system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs. This document contains a brief introduction to Synopsys Design Analyzer, Sysnopsys Formality, and. Cadence Conformal tools. You would.

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For Synopsys formalityyou can use side-file.

Therefore, instead of blindly assuming that no mistakes were made, a verification step is needed to check the logical equivalence of the final version of the netlist to the original description of the design golden reference model. But I’m not sure what am I forjality to d. Help needed in Primt time!!! The job hasn’t finished yet. I’m trying to implement formality with RTL and netlist which is scan and clock sybopsys inserted netlist.

Hi, I’m currenty trying to use synopsys Design Compiler to generate netlists for use with formality.

Formal equivalence checking

Hello, I compiled some gated clocks in my design, and when I do formal verification, the gated clock cells are in unmatch cell list, how can I tell formality about the gated clock setting?


The main question in my mind is, why I need to verify the netlist. Because, such tool like Mentor FromalPro or synopsys formality compares input logic for each register between RTL and gate-level netlist. What can be possible reasons for that? All the programs later in the process that make changes to the netlist also, in theory, ensure that these changes are logically equivalent to a previous version.

That causes formality to fail.

formwlity Glad that I asked you the question. Maybe some additional constraints might be required. A formal equivalence check can be performed between any two representations of a design: I want to inquire the following software pricing for group license.

Hi, with formality you make an equvalence check: LEC is strict and wont support unsynthesizable constructs. How to run LEC after bottom-up syn. We also need to check it’s timing is meet requirement as SDC constraint described. Create an enable signal. RTL and netlist formality mismatch problem.

This description is the golden reference model that describes in detail which operations will be executed during which clock cycle and by which pieces of hardware. Equivalence is not to be confused with functional correctness, which must be determined by functional verification.

Synopsys Formality

But when I synopss scan and clock gating, then they are not equality. Afterwards the verification goes on successfully. But in hierarchical mode there are many failing modules.


Conformal LEC constant constraint. Typically, a formal equivalence checking tool will also indicate with great precision at which point there exists a difference between two representations. How do I fix read asynchronously in formality? The big problem of formal verivication. Please help me if you have the related materials. I am planning to study synopsys formalitybut I don’t know where I can get the tutorial materials.

Formality –

In general, there is a wide range of possible definitions of functional equivalence covering comparisons between different levels of abstraction and varying granularity of timing details. From the log-file entries below it has a lot more to go. You will need to find out that How Formality do the parallel computing? In other words, there’s a possibility that the tools is. In practice, programs synipsys bugs and it would be a major risk to assume that all steps from RTL through the final tape-out netlist have been performed without error.

This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat This is essentially free in terms of logic.

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