FOSFA 54 FOR VEGETABLE AND MARINE OIL IN BULK CIF DELIVERED WEIGHTS. SELLERS: BUYERS: BROKERS. GAFTA Weighing Rules No. download GAFTA Sampling Rules No. download FOSFA download FOSFA download GAFTA fumifation rules FOSFA Uploaded by Can Yigit Dinc. Fosfa Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content.

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If the oil is shipped in more than one tank of the same ship, the analysis details of the oil in each separate tank at loading shall conform to the above.

If required, Sellers must produce proof to justify their claim for extension fofsa cancellation under this clause.

Regulatory documents (GAFTA, FOSFA contracts etc.)

FOSFA code of practic Presentation of documents does not constitute a notice under the terms of this clause. Should Sellers have failed to present shipping documents on arrival of the ship at destination, Buyers shall take delivery under a guarantee acceptable to the shipowners to be provided by the Buyers, such 544 to be signed by a first class bank if required by the shipowners.

Any notices received after Sellers have agreed to sell and Buyers have agreed to buy. Interest payable shall be appropriate to the currency involved. All export duties, taxes, levies, etc.

54 FOSFA CIF Oct 1 _百度文库

Notice from a broker shall be a valid notice under this contract. Any dispute arising out of this contract, including any question of law arising in connection therewith, shall be referred to arbitration in London or elsewhere if so agreed in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration and Appeal of the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Fossfa Limited, in force at the date of this contract and of which both parties hereto shall be deemed to be cognizant.

If none of these methods is possible then the shipping weight to be ascertained by the most practicable alternative means.

In case of default after extension the default date shall be similarly deferred. Damages to be computed on the mean contract quantity.

The damages awarded against the defaulter shall be limited to the difference between the contract price and the actual or estimated market price on the day of default. If none of these methods is possible then the discharged weight to be ascertained by the most practicable alternative means.


If the packages are supplied by the Buyers but the residue is not delivered such residue or unpumpable oil shall not be included in the delivered weight. If freight is to be paid in a currency other than the currency of this contract, the conversion in the final invoice shall be made at the rate of exchange on the day of actual freight payment: Buyers shall pay for the documents when presented.

Buyers shall inform Sellers immediately there is a claim against the guarantee and Sellers shall have the right to be joined in any legal action arising therefrom. Sampling shall be done in accordance with the method in ISO If as Lauric acid, calculated on a molecular weight of ; as Palmitic acid, calculated on a molecular weight of ; as Oleic acid, calculated on a molecular if if weight of In default of fulfilment of this contract by either party, the other party at his discretion shall, after giving notice, have the right either to cancel the contract, or the right to sell or purchase, as the case may be, against the defaulter who shall on demand make good the loss, if any, on such sale or purchase.

In the event of disagreement between Buyers’ and Sellers’ superintendents on the question of mass per volume litre 45 in airsealed samples shall be submitted to an analyst whose decision shall be final. If, for any foafa reason, either party fails to fulfil the contract and is declared to be in default by the other party and default is either agreed between the parties or subsequently found by arbitrators to have occurred, then the day of the default shall, failing amicable gosfa, be decided by arbitration.

This contract shall be deemed to have been made in England and the construction, validity and performance thereof shall be governed in all respects by English law. Buyers to send copy of the freight note to Sellers for final invoicing purposes.

Thereafter, if the contract is cancelled under the terms of the Prohibition Clause or the Force Majeure Clause, this clause is not applicable. Notices to be despatched by any means of rapid written communication E-mail excluded. If two analyses are made the mean of the two results, and if three analyses are made, the mean of the two results closest to each other, as the case may be, shall be binding and form the basis of final settlement.


If the amount of interest is not mutually fowfa, a dispute shall be deemed to exist which shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Clause.

Reference in the contract to superintendents, surveyors or representatives shall mean member superintendents of FOSFA International. All import duties, taxes, levies, etc. Sweepings shall be accepted with a fair allowance, to be fixed by agreement or by arbitration.

Payment Terms

Different currencies shall not invalidate the circle. Any reasonable extra expenses, including costs of such guarantee or extra handling charges incurred by reason of the failure of Sellers to provide such documents, shall be borne by Sellers and allowed for in the final invoice. The serving of proceedings upon any party by sending same to their last known address together with leaving a copy of such proceedings at the offices of the Federation shall be deemed good service, rule of law or equity to the contrary notwithstanding.

Should the time limit for doing any act or giving any notice expire on a Saturday, Sunday or any public holiday in the country where the party required to do the act or give the notice resides or carries on business or in the country where the act has to be done or the notice has to be received or on any day which the Federation shall declare to be a non-business day the time so limited shall be extended until the first business day thereafter.

No circle shall be considered to exist if its existence is not established within 45 days after the last day of shipment. Notices shall be passed on with due despatch by intermediate Buyers and Sellers.

In the event of such transhipment at origin the Declaration of Shipment shall include the name of the ocean carrier and transhipment location. Samples to be kept for three months from date of Bill of Lading.

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