It does not swallow energy like raw MDF. The four-inch Fostex FEEZ is an amazing driver. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange . : Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 4″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. Fostex FEEZ Sigma Diametermm. Fibre Cone Full Range Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR taniential edge.

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I noticed on other Concerti pics a metal ring around the driver. It does not swallow energy like de108ez MDF. My favorite instrument is piano, especially the concert grand. Just to give some proportions to this, figure a 10″ driver in an 8″ cube.

Fostex FE EZ Sigma Fullrange buy at

I was not interested in the full range aspect of those drivers but only in the specs, which made making small scoops fe108e back-loaded horns possible: Since I’m not familiar with Gemme nor are our readers, could you provide some background history as well as a description of the Concerti?

My part often stops with the rough outline, the basic design where I get things where I want them.

Music became curiously more real and visceral. All Gemme Audio products can be “hot-rodded” for any application. Thu Jun 11, Maybe i will try these FEEZ in an open baffel construction, together with 15″ bass units in a simple filtered two way system and try that out instead.

I sold him one horn I built. The talk died down and I had not fostes about Gemme Audio until the original post in this thread. The Revelator has a voice fe108rz inductance of 0. I got into art school at 16 and at that time, all students were either members of a band, groupies or roadies. There was no way we could drop the price without changing the basic design of a perfectly smooth horn path. The ‘s voice coil is 20mm while the Revelator’s is 38mm.


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Others are still welcome to give some hints about Vivace and Vflex, if they know anything not described. They don’t see walls, they hear walls. Speaking of contradictions, the same reverse psychology took place when I designed the Basso the bass cabinet companion of the Concerti.

I met my business partner last year. The product core is where we want it to be but the details are still being worked on. Polyester is used on pianos, it’s hard as glass and also breaks like glass if hit hard enough and transformed the MDF into something that was perfect for the design. This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above. Conventional wisdom would dictate the use of a high Q driver one with ample bump at its resonant frequency in a large box to achieve a max-flat alignment.

So we built prototypes, then CNC’d prototypes and thus the Concerti was born. So we had to find ways to alter the MDF’s damping. Playing with resonant enclosures is like dealing with the devil.

There is a review coming out soon on www. We changed woodworking shops three times before finding the right CNC shop to cut the parts, the right craftsman to assemble the parts, the right paint shop to get perfect finish, the right machine shop to machine steel and brass and aluminum parts, the right finisher for chrome and zinc plating and buffing. Okay, now it beggins to bring sense to life As i hear it I did not find any magical low frequency response.


DIY Audio Projects Forum

Gemme Audio is not a one-product company. At this time, the Katana model has a lot of interest because we used a midrange Accuton driver to generate the fullrange sound.

There was no bass or treble. Contrary to a reflex port fosgex the air velocity can approach speed of sound to create port noise or chaffing, the horn decreases air velocity by acting as a gradual impedance transformer. It’s a wonderful piece of engineering and I guess it’s one of those examples where art meets science.

6moons audio reviews: Gemme Audio Concerti

The biggest challenge in building the Concerti and all upcoming Gemme Audio products was to find the right people to build it. Also a Ferrari is a Fiat with a fotsex engine. I don’t see much about the design on the Internet anymore so I assumed that they Gemme had moved on to a different design concept.

Call it extreme WAF. I sold him the horn because I did not like the sound anyway it was based on a Fostex FEEZ, a nice driver but too directive and “hard” for my tastes. A few years ago I spent some time running simulations of the design based on my reverse engineering of it from info I found on the Internet.

This compressed air naturally wants to decompress so it acts on the horn path’s volume of air.

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