FR E520 3.7K PDF

FR-EK to K(C). FR-EK to K(C) ○Removal. (For the FR- EK to K, FR-ESK to K, FR-EW-. K to K). FR-E FR-EKND to KND. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. OUTLINE Economy, Trade and Industry) in September, applies to the K and less. : USED MITSUBISHI FR-EK-NA,FR-PA INVERTER, 5hp, v,BOXYB: Everything Else.

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Therefore, fix the motor securely with a mechanical brake, or before tuning, make sure that there will be no problem in safety if the motor runs.

Load Pattern Selection pr. Reinstallation When reinstalling the front cover after wiring, fix the hooks securely. Externally connected start signal Frequency setting: Meter frequency Meter Calibration pr. For details, refer to the instruction manual of the power regeneration common converter FR-CV. This may cause a gravity drop when the rr is used in vertical lift application.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E520 Instruction Manual

Automatic restart after instantaneous power failure uses a reduced-voltage starting system in which the output voltage is raised gradually with the preset frequency unchanged, independently of the coasting speed of the motor.

Incorrect system configuration and connections can cause the inverter to operate improperly, its life to be reduced considerably, and in the worst case, the inverter to be damaged. Earth ground fault detection is made only immediately after the start signal is input to the inverter.

If they are larger, the threads may be damaged during tightening. Computer Link Operation pr.


Check that the input signal lines are not affected by external f520. Corrective action Eliminate the cause of the error preceding this error indication. Safety Perform test operation after making sure that safety is ensured if the machine should become out of control. Corrective action Set the ambient temperature to within the specifications. General-purpose magnetic flux vector control Provides large starting torque and sufficient low-speed torque.



Refer to page 8. To release the inverter from the power supply when the inverter protective function is activated or the drive becomes faulty e. User Group Selection pr. Regenerative Brake Duty pr.

Measure the input signal level. Actual Operation Hour Meter Clear pr. Incorrect connection will damage the inverter.

Selection of Soft- PWM will make 3.7k unoffending. Daily inspection must be performed to prevent any fault from occurring due to adverse influence by the operating environment, such as temperature, humidity, dust, dirt and vibration, changes in the parts with time, service life, and other factors.

Fr-esc to sc-ene; fr-essc to sc-ene 38 pages. Page – Zero current detection Pr. A brake unit BU may also be used. Parameter Write Disable Selection pr. If the air flow is set in the wrong direction, the inverter life e20 be shorter. When removing the operation panel, always fit the rear cover option FR- E5P.

Page The optional vr resistor cannot be used with 0. Reinstallation For the FR-E Page Page – Remote setting function selection Pr. OV3 FR-PU04 OV During Dec Name Regenerative overvoltage shut-off during deceleration or stop If regenerative energy causes the inverter’s internal main circuit DC voltage to reach or exceed the specified value, the Description protective circuit is activated to stop the inverter output.

Error Item Definition Inverter Operation Code The number of errors consecutively detected Computer NAK in communication request data from the error computer is greater than allowed number of Output Terminal Function Selection pr. Page 82 – Combined operation mode 1 Operation usi Reverse Rotation Prevention Selection pr. Remote Setting Function Selection pr. The multi-speeds can also be set in the PU or external operation mode. Offline Auto Tuning Function pr.


FR-E520-3.7K.Mitsubishi inverter (used)

When two or more inverters are installed or a ventilation fan is mounted in an enclosure, the inverters and ventilation fan must be installed in proper positions with extreme care taken to keep the ambient temperatures of the inverters with the permissible values.

Enter 3.7o from picture: If the cause is still unknown, it is recommended to initialize the parameters return to factory settingsre-set the required parameter values, and check again.

Also, never short these terminals. To ensure that the motor is protected not to be influenced by line-to-line leakage currents, we recommend the protection method which uses a temperature sensor to directly detect 37.k temperature. Base Frequency, Base Frequency Voltage pr. Do not run the inverter with the front cover or wiring cover removed.

The harmonic suppression guideline was established to protect other consumers from these outgoing harmonic currents.

Push A and B in the directions of arrows at the same time and remove the cover using C as supporting points. More Types of operation modes PU operation mode External operation mode Power factor improving reactor.

The inverter input side magnetic contactor to be chosen differs between the applicable ranges A, B and C shown on the right, depending on the power supply capacity and wiring length. Check that the following parameter settings are correct Pr.

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