FRACTURAS de la MUÑECA • 1° comunicación de Colles () reportaba buenos variability common • Common schemes • Eponymic: Colles, Smith, etc. TRATAMIENTO REDUCCIÓN e INMOVILIZACIÓN ENYESADA. Colles’ fx, Low energy, dorsally displaced, extra-articular fx. Smith’s fx, Low energy, volar displaced, extra-articular fx >5mm radial shortening; comminuted and displaced extra-articular fxs (Smith’s fx); progressive loss .. clinical photograph of the affected wrist is shown in Figure E. Which of the following. Sessenta radiografias (anteroposterior e de perfil) de pacientes com fraturas do rádio distal foram . Starting more than a century ago, Colles, Smith, Barton.

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It is fun and frustrating and empowering and a million other things all at once. There is no sign of infection. The positioning was a bit dw for the wrist, but I managed 3 reps of 95 lbs, 8 reps of 55 lbs, and another 8 reps of 35 lbs.

Transport from one place to another going from one place to another 1 2 3 4 5 Out of the initial 98 fractures, eight were excluded: The plate was then located on the volar cortex and fixed to the bone by means of a screw at the opening of the slippage.

The agreement rates observed in the present study show that currently there is still no classification method that is fully reproducible.

He sustains the injury shown in Figure A.

I broke my arm at a Zao show last Friday At the time of the evaluations on the patients, the mean time elapsed since the operation was There exist two types of Barton’s fracture — dorsal [1] and palmar, the latter being more common. Please vote below and help us build the most advanced adaptive learning platform in medicine The complexity of this topic is appropriate for? J Bone Joint Surg Am. Marcel Jun Sugawara Tamaoki. Mekanisme cedera yang biasa terjadi pada populasi dewasa muda berupa jatuh dari ketinggian, kecelakaan kendaraan bermotor, atau cedera oleh raga.


Variance analysis between the observation times showed that UG6 presented relatively high variance 0. The reduction procedure on the fracture was checked collles means of radioscopy and provisional fixation was achieved using Kirschner wires.

Bone grafts were not used in any of the cases.

Distal Radius Fractures

What is the appropriate surgical treatment at this time? Twas a pleasure and nightmare, my friend. On the radiographs, the mean values in relation to the unfractured side were However, studies have shown that there is no correlation between reestablishment of the volar tilt, radial length and radial tilt and subjective functional results, among patients treated with plaster-cast immobilization or Kirschner wires17 Table 1 Comparison of complications found in other studies with those in the present study.

This suggests that the observer’s conditioning and knowledge, specific to the Frykman system, had a significant impact on the reproducibility obtained. Trimalleolar fracture Bimalleolar fracture Pott’s fracture.

The subjective results DASH scores were only influenced by age, grip strength and extension range, without any relationship with radiographic measurements.

Barton’s fracture

S,ith palmar Barton’s fracture of cklles right wrist, as shown on a 3D-rendered CT scan. Arora et al2 compared the functional results from 53 patients over the age of 70 years who were treated using a fixed-angle volar plate with the results from 61 patients who were treated using a closed procedure.


The authors declare that there was no conflict of interest in conducting this work This article is available online in Portuguese and English at the websites: Loss of range of motion and grip strength were also observed, but with few functional repercussions323334 This demonstrates that professional experience of radiographic evaluation is not, on its own, a determining factor for a higher agreement rate using these classification systems. HPI – History of fall down on left wrist one month ago.

Among the operated fractures, 34 were extra-articular. What is the most likely etiology of her new loss of function? At time 2, the highest agreement was obtained between OHS and R3 0.

Distal Radius Fractures – Trauma – Orthobullets

J Hand Surg Br. Drobetz and Kutscha-Lissberg34 published the results from 50 patients with fractures of the distal radius who had been treated using a fixed-angle volar plate.

Alhasil jaringannya mengalami nekrosis kematian jaringan. In the physical examination on the patients, all the range-of-motion measurements were reduced.

Handoll HH, Madhok R. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Are distal radius fracture classifications reproducible? Intra and interobserver agreement

The distal fragment is dorsally angulated, displaced and often also impacted. How would you manage this patient at this time?

Three consecutive measurements were made in a standardized manner, with the patient standing, upper arm alongside the chest and forearm in neutral rotation. Recreational activities that require little effort such as playing cards or knitting.

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