An A.C sonometer is an apparatus by which the transverse vibrations of strings can be studied. It consists of The frequency is calculated using the equation. EXPERIMENT. AIM. To determine the frequency of alternating current using a sonometer E Set up for finding frequency of ac mains using a sonometer. Experiment: MELDE’S EXPERIMENT. Object: To determine frequency of A.C. mains using Sonometer. Apparatus: • A sonometer with a steel.

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AC Sonometer (Theory) : Class 12 : Physics : Amrita Online Lab

The graph between mass M of the suspended weights and square of the resonating length l2 by taking M along X-axis and l2 along Y-axis is usimg. C sonometer is an apparatus by which the transverse vibrations of strings sonometeg be studied. What are natural vibrations? Give expression for r. For a string of a given length and diameter and under constant tension, the frequency is inversely proportional to the square root of the density of the material of snoometer string.

The law of mass may be put into two additional laws, for strings of circular cross-section, as given below. This phenomenon flow of electron on the surface of the conductoris called skin effect. The frequency is 50 hertz Hz [hertz means cycles per sec.

Therefore, a sonometer is an instrument which measures the frequency of sound. A magnet magnetised by electric current, is called an electromagnet.

A sonometer is used to determine the frequency of alternating current. When will the wire resonate?

When a body is vibrating with its own natural way then it has natural vibrations. What are forced vibrations? Precautions Same as in Experiment What do you mean by one cycle of A.


Frequency Of AC Mains Using Sonometer

What is a timing fork? Aim To find the frequency of the AC mains with a sonometer. Retrieved 1 Januaryfrom amrita. When the natural frequency of a particle is equal to the frequency of driving force, then resonance takes place. For a given string of constant length, the rxperiment of vibration is directly proportional to the square root of the tension.

Define root mean square or virtual or effective value of alternating current. When the rate of movement due to the current matches the fundamental frequency of the wire, resonance occurs causing noticeable vibration.

What do you mean by A. When the vibrating tuning fork is kept on the board of the sonometer, the forced vibrations of the board communicate energy to the string which in turn is set into forced vibrations. Main line carrying a. To determine the frequency of a string first take a copper string and connect it to an A. Mainz a given string under constant tension, the frequency of vibration is inversely proportional to the length of the string.

Define sonomteer for a stationary wave. Once the area of vibrating body increases the amplitude of vibration of the board usingg system also increases.

To Find the Frequency of the AC Mains With a Sonometer

If kinetic energy is applied to an object at a rate that matches its natural frequency, resonance occurs and the object vibrates. On the wooden rectangular box there are two bridges and a pulley at one end. It consists of two bridges, near the ends, one horse shoe magnet at the middle and at one end is a pulley. The step down transformer reduces this voltage to 6 volts. If M is the mass and L is the length of the string then.

Apparatus Same as in Experiment 8 except a separate horse shoe magnet and a separate step down transformer. The person touching the line is repelled. What are stationary waves? What is the function of holes in the sonometer box? What is unidirectional current?


What is frequncy of a sounding board? In very high frequency A. Let a loaded stretched soft iron wire have resonant length l 1 with the electromagnet. Howls frequency of magnetisation of the electromagnet related freqeuncy frequency of the alternating current which magnetises it?

The frequency with which the body vibrate is, called its natural frequency. By adjusting the length of the vibrating wire segment, this frequency can be made equal to the natural frequency of the wire segment. This will be the frequency of the stretched string. What is an A. Retrieved 1 Januaryfrom vlab. It is that value of steady current which, when passed through a given resistor for certain time time of one complete cycleshall produce the same quantity of heat as the given alternating current shall produce when passed through same resistor for same time.

Theory A low alternating current passed directly through sonometer wire imposes forces on it the frequency v nu of the A. A wire string is attached to one end of the wooden box, run over the usig and pulley and carries a weight hanger at the free end as shown in figure below. Let experi,ent tuning fork of frequency V T have resonant length l 2. When two identical waves of same frequency, amplitude travelling in a medium with same speed but in opposite directions sonometee, they produce stationary waves.

Then adjust the knife edges or the magnet to get the maximum vibration.

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