PDF | This project will describe the physics of a common Frisbee in flight. The aerodynamic forces acting on the Frisbee are lift and drag, with lift. Issue 1 | Article The Aerodynamics of Frisbee Flight. Kathleen Baumback. University of South Florida. Advisors: Masahiko Saito, Mathematics and Statistics. Use aerodynamic principles to predict the flight direction and distance for a Frisbee.

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Aerodynamic stall occurs when the lift force drops dramatically and the drag force increases.

The ‘Ultimate’ Science Fair Project: Frisbee Aerodynamics | Science Project

Say, a golf ball? First and foremost, the thick rim eases gripping and tossing the disc. Louis Desroches Two key forces that act on a Frisbee during its flight are lift and drag. The flying disc was popularized by the toy company Wham-O with its introduction of the trademarked “Frisbee” in Since every action must generate an equal and opposite reaction Newton’s third law of motionthis means that the air pushes back up on the frisbee, generating lift.

In this activity, you investigated how the Frisbee’s launch angle affects its flight zerodynamics and direction, but you only tested a few angles.

The Aerodynamics and Stability of Flying Discs

ArtSkills Trifold with Header. Once in the air, lift and angular momentum act on the Frisbee giving it a ballet-type performance. The Frisbee forces air down action and the air forces the Frisbee upward reaction.


Why to close this? Thus it acts like a parachute.

If you have a piece of paper and a pencil or pen, you can record this data and all following flight information. Because of the Frisbee’s curved shape, the airflow above it must travel at a higher velocity than that underneath, thereby creating low pressure above and high pressure below the disk.

This remarkable feat of aerodynamics and gyroscopic stability was discovered rather than predicted.

aerodynamcs When you threw the Frisbee tilted up a little, did it fly pretty high and far but not as straight, going off to the side near the end of its flight? This can be very dangerous when it occurs in airplanes.

If you have specific questions about your science fair project or science fair, our team of volunteer scientists can help.

Can you aerodynanics any improvements or ideas? What would you tell our sponsors about how Science Buddies helped you with your project?

For the simple lift and drag relations presented above, this ratio is simply the ratio of the coefficient of lift to the coefficient of drag using aerldynamics empirical values. The force exerted by air is split up into two components: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pilots enjoy working and helping people in the “third dimension. These grooves serve to trigger turbulence at the leading edge, the same principle behind a gurney flap on an airfoil.


Angle of Attack –The angle formed by the tilt of the flying disk and the line parallel to the ground. This one should address the topic nicely. Flow around a frisbee source The frisbee can be seen as a wing with an airfoil that looks the same from both directions.

C lick on the links to learn more about the physics and history of a Frisbee. While this value is certain to vary from disc to aerodynamivs, it is to be expected that this quantity will be of order unity. It acts perpendicular to the direction of flight and drag.

Physics of a Frisbee

The stability comes from the rotation. Caption for picture characters left. How far did it travel away from the center line, and in what direction?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Each time throw the Frisbee with similar arm motion and speed, use a similar spin, and have the same release point.

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