Being FTF on a geocache is an exciting experience. You get to discover the newly published geocache prior to everyone else in the community. FTF Geocacher Magazine – the magazine for geocachers written BY geocachers. FTF offers practical advice, hints & tips, cacher bios & milestones, geocaching. Welcome to FTF Magazine’s Subscriber-Only. SECRET STORE! Here we will offer special deeply discounted items from time to time as a added bonus for your .

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In Slovakia is magazine Publish in slovak language. Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new text post. There’s one regular feature about a geocaccher and his wife.

I have this newspaper already years as an Abo and get additionally again and again favorable tools offers by Geocaching magazine team. It is printed in DIN A5 format, full color.

FTF Geocacher Magazine Contest

I think in my country is no paper magazine Poor guy gets thrown through the ringer regularly for geocaching and his wife is always the one who comes out unscathed saying “Well now wasn’t that fun?


Thank you so much and see you on the trails. Greetings from Belgium Minos Abbey Road Studios Cam.

Maybe if enough people get into it then it will go monthly? The “cacher tales” are hilarious.

It is a great mag. Log in or sign up in seconds. New application platform Maggio reader for use on multiple devices 5X page resolution with lower page download sizes New library and issue management. He does put in a lot of effort into the making the magazine be of high quality which includes stories from catchers all over the world. I’ve tried wifi on and off. I ctf new to Geocaching and I think reading stories and what not would make it even more interesting. Especially if its packed with content.

We invite ftr to share your stories, photos, and experiences! There’s some good articles about specific caches in there, and also a guide for beginners. Thanks for fttf input. There are over 3 million active caches around the world.

Great information

The last thing I can think of having only just woken up is that they usually offer a unique Feocacher or two for renewing. Upvote answers or questions that have helped you.


And my opinion is that it is necessary to limit the paper publications to protect the drill of amazonia devastated for newspapers paper and advertisements paper But I still put a positive vote for the information. Please log in or register to add a comment.

No memes No advertising products without approval Self-promotion must follow reddit’s spam rules Be nice! I do not know a magazine in france My only complaint is that it’s bi-monthly 6 issues a year.

That helps a lot. I would also recommend lower prices for digital issues–as prices seem as high as print.?

FTF Geocacher Magazine Contest – PodCacher: Geocaching Goodness

Submit a new link. I received my first subscription as a gift and I loved it.

Huntzz – Treasure Hunts.

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