“FUEL ENERGIZER” helps to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%. When fuel flows through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer inter molecular forces. Magnetizer Fuel Treatment Systems. Info Sheet: Fuel Treatment. FOR A QUOTE, EMAIL OR CALL US WITH DETAILS. Magnetizer Fuel Test Data. Dramatically reducing vehicle pollution while increasing fuel efficiency. The following pages.

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Started by Legacyb4Jan 24 It is possible that using larger magnets or more magnets may offset the effects of the higher flow rates and contribute to level out the differences. From the drawing in the service manual it looks like half milo can. Self contained air flow and ionization method, apparatus and design for internal combustion engines.

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Quick Reply Go to Full Editor. Changing conditions such as varying loads, rpms, temperatures, particle content in the incoming air, fuel quality etc.

The present invention contributes to optimise the combustion in any combustion engine and may be combined with any of the abovementioned technologies to reduce emissions. Posted 28 January – magnwtizer Then the bottle is flipped upside down and the debris is left on the magnet’s contact area inside the bottle! How does GPS work in cars. Brudder, I always drool over your car when I drive pass it every morning Posted 24 January – Haven’t had the car around long enough to ful The prior art has suggested that it may be advantageous to let fuel pass some kind of magnetic field before combustion.

Also tagged with these keywords: For the time being, the optimal and preferred configuration is as follows: Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. At higher the rpms, a larger the amount of air has to be pre-treated and the air passes the magnetic fields at a quicker rate, resulting in a shorter residence time in the magnetic field. In the field of materials technology, strength has been increased and weight has been reduced both with respect to all moving parts in the engine and the total weight of the vehicle, at the same time as catalysers for the treatment of emissions have been refined.


It appears to be a significant feature that the magnets are arranged on only one side of the air intake line and the fuel line, and not on opposite sides or in any way symmetrically around the air intake line and the fuel line.

The present invention relates to a device for magnetic pre-treatment of air passing through an air intake supply leading to a combustion chamber, said magnetic pre-treatment being carried out by means of magnetic elements. They may abut each other, but may just as well be arranged somewhat apart. Method of controlling the process of combustion in an internal combustion engine, and engine with means for controlling the engine valves. These aims are reached by means of a device characterized in the features given in the independent claim 1.

A device according to claim 1. This experience is based on normal daily use under varying driving conditions and with varying driving habits. Exactly the same engine! This clustering is possibly promoted by negative ions that are found in the air intake and supply lines. A further factor that seems to be of some importance is the kind of pole that last affects the flowing fluid in an air intake supply and fuel intake, respectively. In order to achieve significant savings jagnetizer fuel consumption in addition to reduced emissions, it is paramount to orient the magnetic elements with their magnetic dipoles directed mainly perpendicularly to the direction of the air or fuel flow as shown in FIGS.


I usually park at the multi-storey side. Magnettizer magnetic strength beyond a maynetizer value that can be determined experimentally seems to produce no further improvement in fuel savings and emissions reduction.

Both are relatively easy to install but the oil filter magnet is for protection rather than performance. The present invention is characterized in that at least two magnetic elements are arranged on one side of and adjacent to said air intake supply, said at least two magnetic elements being oriented with their dipole direction pointed mainly perpendicularly to an axial incoming direction of said air intake supply, the at least two magnetic elements further being arranged substantially next to each other with alternating pole orientations, the dipole direction of said magnetic elements being arranged in succession in the order N, S, N.

The longer the bar, the higher the rank and points.

USA1 – Magnetic pre-treatment of air and fuel – Google Patents

A device according to claim 3. This arrangement has proven to not only reduce emissions significantly, but also lead to proven fuel consumption savings, unlike the arrangements according to the prior art.

This appears to be the reason why the prior art arrangements have failed to prove a reduction in fuel consumption. The higher the points, the higher the rank. Mine is half milo can.

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