FXpansion BFD2 Manual • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Importing BFD 1.x Grooves and MIDI files. • Importing This function launches the BFD2 PDF manual in your system’s PDF reader. Please take time to study this manual in order to get the most out of BFD3’s deep and BFD and FXpansion are trademarks of FXpansion Audio UK Ltd.

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BFD2 versions up to and including 2. To load the currently selected key map, click the Load button. We decided that a huge manual that manuaal dust on the shelf is simply a terrible waste of trees! Please be aware that many presets will not fully load if you do not install all the data.

My E-Drum kit isn’t on this list.

FXpansion BFD2 Manual User Manual

Our products do not use iLok or any other unified protection scheme. Back To Top How large is the download version? Since the export features are built into the software interface itself, you can use them when running BFD2 as a plugin or as a standalone application. These are the articulations in the BFD2 sound library – articulations found in older libraries will still work, of course.

Groove events are tied directly to articulations – they do not need MIDI keymappings in order to work. Why has the data been reduced to bit for the download bfx2


Delete mixer preset from database. All versions prior to 2. If no map has been loaded, the factory default BFD 2.

2 data preferences, Preference options, Data path – FXpansion BFD2 Manual User Manual

You can navigate around the available mixer presets with the cursor arrow keys. Clicking this button, and agreeing to the subsequent confirmation dialog, results in all your preference settings being trashed, reverting to factory default settings. Unfortunately, this means you can either authorize BFD2 to work in your simulated PPC Cubase SE3 environment, bfs2 you can authorize to run on your real hardware, but mahual both. Do I have to install all the content?

Is it mmanual to adjust the number of velocity layers on an individual per-kit-piece basis? Can I use my own samples in BFD2? FX presets All the built-in audio FX feature mabual preset system. Back To Top Are there more cymbal and percussion slots? When an instance of BFD2 is launched, it reloads the last key map that you loaded. You may be able to find additional help from other users at the BFD2 forum.

Key map loaded when bfd2 is launched | FXpansion BFD2 Manual User Manual | Page /

This function is provided in case you are a previous BFD 1. To some extent, yes. Well it’s Big, it’s Drums and it’s version 2! BFD2 Presets These are snapshots of the entire state of BFD2 – so they include the kit, kit-piece tweaks, customized mixer setup, Groove page contents, MIDI keymap and automation map, as well as certain session-based preference settings.


Upgrading from BFD 1. Yes, as long as you have access to a machine somewhere with Internet connectivity and a means of moving a small key file between the two machines a USB memory key, CDRW, floppy disk or similar device would all do the job.

This simulation is many times slower than is desirable for an audio application!

Keyboard operation You can navigate around the available mixer presets with the cursor arrow keys. Clicking this button removes the selected mixer preset from the BFD2 database. Are expansion packs available for BFD2?

Then browse to and select the BFD1 mixer file that you want to load. Back To Top How many different kits and kit pieces are there? If reinstalling an existing OS without changing any hardware, you will be able to save the auth file and simply re-import it when authorizing the product again. A large range of boxed and download-only expansions are available from the FXpansion webshop. Remove unreferenced info from database If you have deleted any kit files, presets, Grooves or bfdd2 files used in BFD2 from your hard disk, clicking this button removes their entries from the database.

You are asked for confirmation before you can continue. We reserve the right to refuse a license transfer request.

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