Common Gallinule · Gallinula galeata · (Lichtenstein, MHK, ). Order: GRUIFORMES. Family: Rallidae (Rails, Crakes and Coots). Genus: Gallinula. Species. Recording data. Recordist. Bernabe Lopez-Lanus. Date, Time? Latitude, Not specified. Longitude, Not specified. Location, Rio Carapari. Gallinula galeata galeata: Venezuela, Trinidad, and the Guianas south to northern Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil; Gallinula galeata cachinnans: SE Canada to.

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Hawaiian gallinule

Occurrence, History, Distribution, and Status. Usually, the location of a sighting is the most reliable indication as to subspecies identification, but the migratory tendencies of this species make identifications based on location not completely reliable. The gallinules were eaten, captured by being run down or by stone-throwing; agllinula flesh is supposedly tasty, though gamey and tough.

Counting such cryptic yallinula is not easy; over the decade from to the average total recorded in the biannual count program was birds with numbers gallinula between about and[4] while assessments during the s — s have estimated the total population at birds. Skip to main content. To make the most of all of HBW’s features, discover our subscriptions now! When threatened, the young may cling to a parent’s body, after which the adult birds fly away to safety, carrying their offspring with them.

Avibase is also available in the following languages: The chicks are precocialand are able to gallinlua and swim gwleata after hatching, but depend on their parents for protection and feeding for some 21—25 days, after which they begin to feed independently. It is dependent on freshwater wetland habitats with dense emergent vegetation for nesting. The Hawaiian gallinule has dark grey-brown upperparts, black head and neck, dark slate-blue underparts, with mostly white undertail coverts and white flank stripes.


Most are not very readily recognizable, as differences are rather subtle and often clinal. While it swims when foraging, the gallinule keeps close to the cover of emergent vegetation and hides readily when disturbed.

Common gallinule

Common gallinule Common gallinule on Santa Cruz. Global population estimated to number in excess of 2, individuals. It has a wide range of gargling calls and will emit loud hisses when threatened.

Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Crex galeata, Gallinula chloropus [galeata Group], Gallinula chloropus galeata, Gallinula galeata Dutch: Related taxa Other related concepts Fulica americana or Gallinula galeata taxon group Other galeaya Catalan: Recommended citation del Hoyo, J.

It was originally described as a distinct species, but is probably the direct ancestor of some of today’s common gallinules. The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands: Despite loss of habitat in parts of its range, the common gallinule remains plentiful and widespread. Contribute There are a few ways by which you can help the development of this page, such as joining the Flickr group for photos or providing translations of the site in addition languages.

Elsewhere, the common gallinule is likely the most commonly seen rail species in much of North America, excepting the American coot in some regions. Greater and Lesser Antilles Gallinula galeata barbadensis: Habitat Wide range of natural and man-made freshwater wetlands with fringing emergent vegetation, on both Found in the Galeataa from Peru to northwest Argentina.


Hawaiian gallinule Conservation status.

Galinule d’Amérique–American Moorhen(Gallinula galeata) | Flickr

Avibase has been visited , times since 24 June Hawaiian Islands Show more Introduced animals such as bullfrogsratscatsdogs and mongooses prey on the gallinules, especially at their nests. Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features!

American Moorhen English Kenya: Polla negra Spanish Uruguay: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Common Gallinule. Gallinula gaallinula Lichtenstein Despite being hunted for food, it was mythologised as the keeper of fire in Hawaiian religion. Learn more about the scoring system. Gallineta Americana Spanish Mexico: Breeding may occur throughout the year, peaking from March to August; it is affected by water levels and vegetation growth.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Pollona negra Spanish Chile: Formerly gaelata species was considered to be part of Eurasian Moorhen Gallinula chloropusbut vocal differences between New World and Old World forms, as well as differences in shield shape and genetics, have led to the New and Old World populations being recognized as separate species. Gallineta de Agua Finnish: The common gallinule will fight to defend its territory.

Gallinula sandvicensis Galeaat, Gallinula galeata sandwichensis Stejneger, Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis Mathews, The long, sturdy legs and long-toed feet are mainly yellowish-green. Archived from the original PDF on Views Read Edit View history.

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