Savage and Macabre: Gangrel – Back to Nature At the edges of civilization, they prowl. Their Beasts rise close to the surface, sniffing for. Vampire Gangrel Savage & Macabre*OP (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) [ Russell Bailey, Chuck Wendig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Loners and pack animals alike, the Gangrel are the untamed Savages among the Kindred. Though they are primal blood-drinkers and howlers.

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Books by Chuck Wendig.

Patrick rated it liked it Jul 02, The origins of the Gangrel, in the days before Rome, in the deep wildernesses of the steppes and great forests. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Savwge account.

Tedthulhu rated it really liked it Dec 03, But also with the constant danger of losing yourself to the monster that lurks inside your soul.

Vampire: The Requiem – Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

You wonder what it must be like, to live with you Beast as an ally rather than a foe. Discover what else the World of Darkness holds, wicked and growling, in its nights.

This is the vampire clan that has an affinity towards this power so I would have wished for that. But also with the constant savgae of losing yourself to the monster tha The title really fits. Gangrel includes a number of engrossing pieces of fiction, each illustrating different aspects of the nature of Gangrel vampires. As with the Nosferatu clanbook, the sample characters in Gangrel have depth and real character; I want my character to interact with them in-game, just to learn more about their personalities.


Nate Back rated it it was amazing Jan 08, You can find him at his website, terribleminds. Even if you are not a player of Vampire the Requiem I recommend reading this book just to get a climbs of how “macabre” is done right.

Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

The Requiem – Gangrel: In my previous review of Nosferatu: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mikhail rated it really liked it Dec 04, Gangdel Reviewers can earn free products to review, which is their to keep after the review is submitted to the site. Immersion in the lore and tales anr the Gangrel from the contributors both mortal and immortal from around the globe.

Dennis rated it liked it Jun 18, Of course we know it – we can smell it coming off of you, mingling with the stench of your fear.

Gangrel: Savage and Macabre Review | Vampire the Requiem | Flames Rising Horror Webzine

Shipping will resume January 2nd, That this has such a high rating is deserved in my eyes and many modern “great” ganngrel of vampire stories should take a look at this and tremble. David Pacheco carbonell rated it really liked it Aug 12, The books special vampires are really something, e.

Paperbackpages. The bloodlines presented are interesting and you can truly see how the main storyteller sinks deeper and deeper into a state where she is controlled by mxcabre inner beast.

Craig Henderson also does fine work in this book on pages Also not everybody might enjoy this book since its whole style is basically that of an amateur explorer doing her first steps and collecting what she can get.


Naturally, this book also includes the expected mix of new Bloodlines, Devotions and Merits, not to mention a huge raft of plot hooks and story ideas to keep any VtR game going for months, if not years.

Patrick rated it really liked it Mar 20, Patrick rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Written by Chuck Wendig and Russell Bailey. He has contributed over two million words to the roleplaying game industry, and was the developer of the popular Hunter: Tags modern-horrorReviewsvampireswhite-wolfworld-of-darkness.

This product contains some nudity. Mj rated it really liked it Aug 05, Open Preview See a Problem?

Warehouse 23 – Vampire: The Requiem – Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

She seems to be slipping deeper into the arms of the beast that afflicts all vampires — the thing that stirs within them, driving their animal impulses to hunt and kill without thought or care. Published September 1st by White Wolf Publishing.

Warehouse 23 will be closed December 24th, January 1st, Chris De Lasombra rated it it was amazing Mar 30, The Gangrel Clan Book for Vampire: To give some examples: Michael Conway rated it really liked it Jan 22, What do you get out of it?

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