Garritan is the world’s leading provider of quality virtual software instruments. of a marching band, or the drama of a full symphony orchestra — inside any size. The Garritan Orchestral Strings library has now been integrated with our Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 library. With this package GPO 5. BUT the “new” garritan orchestral strings included in GPO5 have something odd a LOT of noise when i play the notes.. it is real? or is it just.

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To make it sound good you have to work at i and tweak the controllers to great ends. They translate well to any application, strins you are writing out parts for a live orchestra or are composing a chamber ensemble for a film score.

The new songs I will be doing will be using Sonic Implants Symphonic.

Garritan Orchestral Strings…it sounds horrible for chamber music

Forums Posts Latest Posts. The recordings are clean and crisp.

If on a budget, I would stay away from KH stuff and use a bit more money to get Embertone. For Sale – Have a listen to the demos on this page. Rodney MoneyApr 17, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Status: I don’t understand its reputation either.


GPO was and is a big undertaking for gary and done for not alot of money – and it’s wholly possible that all the problems I and other users see with it are actually down to Native Instruments and not Gary at all. It’s the best library for that kind of sound. My favorite part is the small string sections from the ancient Garritan Orchestral Strings.

The process of creating an orchestral score from scratch can be daunting to say the least. I assume that the Vienna Strings and such are better at ten times the price they better be. I honestly don’t care. Try the demos by Danielle Davis at Garitan’s site.

I am not aware of any library in that price range that comes close to GPO’s sound. I have free soundfonts that are every bit as realistic.

I guess I’m tone deaf. But both aren’t suited for chamber music.

Garritan Orchestral Stringsit sounds horrible for chamber music | Cakewalk Forums

User Control Panel Log out. Using synthesized waveforms or samples to produce a convincing replica of an orchestral recording can be very challenging.


I’m doing it as a challenge to see how far I can bring those samples. Essentials Only Full Version.

Help help I like something about Garritan Personal Orchestra

Rodney Money likes this. SaxerApr 17, There are loads of well executed articulations and effects just waiting to be used. I could play with them a little and loved them from the start. It looks like Kirk Hunter has quite a few smaller-ensemble orchstral, so they might be worth taking a closer look at. As for GOS – even harder to use but more realistic.

They do not provide instant gratification. But she was very meticulous and took the time to really tweak. Geo Metro to Ferrari. They are among the nicest samples out there – right now.

Sampler Library Reviews

The samples include various playing styles for each instrument. Rasmus HartvigApr 17, Ignore Threads by Nobita. She was 15 at the time.

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