Gartner Debunking Myth of Single Vendor Network – Download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online. Gartner Debunking Myth of Single Vendor. I recently read a Gartner report, ID Number: G, that discussed the cost benefits Debunking the Myth of the Single-Vendor Network. Gartner has collected information from hundreds of client interactions and have performed detailed interviews of nine organizations that have introduced a.

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To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy. These are summarized below. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight you need to make the right decisions, every day. It is not possible to get products from two different vendors to work together reliably on a network. Adding a second vendor will double the number of staff needed to keep network running.

Human Resources Human Resources. A second infrastructure vendor more than doubles the complexity of network architecture. Contrary to popular belief, Gartner found just the opposite. After interviewing a diverse group of fhe that uses a dual-vendor strategy, our findings present a compelling alternate position. Become a Client Log in Become a client.

Most organizations that introduced a second vendor report a lasting decrease in network complexity, compared with an all-Cisco network. Improve performance, reduce risk and optimize return on your investments through our combination of research insight, benchmarking data, problem-solving methodologies and hands-on experience.


I recently read ths Gartner report, ID Myhh The research report focused on debunking six commonly held assumptions about the risks of introducing other vendors into the equation of a Cisco-based network. Forgot username or password? We did not encounter one example were operational cost savings would offset the equipment cost premium that Cisco generally charges.

Instead, multivendor networks help networ address the demand for performance-optimized bandwidth. Myth 5 equipment and maintenance costs: We have collected information from hundreds of client interactions and have performed detailed sintle-vendor of nine organizations that have introduced a second vendor into their network environments. Talk to Gartner now and learn the benefits of becoming a Gartner client. Understand the continuous evolution of the B2B buying journey Learn gartber.

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Debunking the Myth of the Single-Vendor Network

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Gartner found that adding a second networking vendor has a variety of potential benefits for organizations.

But, recent research indicates this may no longer be the most effective approach. This is accomplished by dynamically adapting to requirements for providing consistent, high quality, real time delivery of applications. Purchase this Document Price: Webinar To the Point: Network convergence solutions streamline operations by bringing voice, data, video and storage together.

Myth 1 training and talent: Become a Client Call us now at: Dynamic Enterprise Featured Article.


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Also, give credit to vendors that help rightsize the network and focus on meeting singlevendor specific requirements. In most cases, it reduces total cost of ownership TCO by percent over five years, while effecting a lasting decrease in network complexity.

Blog Feed your business — not the newsfeed Read blog. Gthat discussed the cost benefits of utilizing a single vendor for data center networking equipment.

Supply Chain Supply Chain. It is not so much about the vendor as it is about the solutions. Below is an excerpt from the Gartner report. Master your role, transform your business and tap into an unsurpassed peer network through our world-leading conference series. The study combined information from hundreds of client interactions with in-depth examination of nine organizations that introduced a second vendor into their network environments.

Our findings show that most organizations should consider a dual-vendor or multivendor solution as a viable approach to building their network, as significant cost savings are achievable with no increase in network complexity, while improving the focus on meeting business requirements.

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