Gary Zukav’s timeless, humorous, New York Times bestselling masterpiece, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, is arguably the most widely acclaimed. The Dancing. Wu Li Masters. An Overview of the New Physics. Gary Zukav. A BANTAM NEW AGE BOOK. BANTAM BOOKS. NEW YORK • TORONTO • LONDON. The most exciting intellectual adventure I’ve been on since reading Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”—.

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A collapsed wave function may have a special mathematical mastres, but its specialness has nothing to do with reducing the dimension of the space it lives in or the number of degrees of freedom of the system. He sees the face and the moving hands, even hears its ticking, but he has no way to open the case. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Add reciprocal ACE info 1 9 Aug 28, But still, I wanted to know the why?

Not an easy read but sooo full of awesome new physics explanations.

Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics (Perennial Classics)

I believe that that is not the best way to present the basics of physics, but then, as I confessed earlier, I am one of those people who like precise logical processes. But Capra, in The Tao of Physicsstill clung to the S-matrix mawters, and every time the book was reprinted he would add forewords and afterwords that were more and more out of touch with reality, claiming that history had shown that the S-matrix approach was the one true way, when in fact QCD had knocked it out of the park.

In such a fast-changing field, using information that much out of date, without any disclaimers, is certainly misleading, particularly when it gives a highly inaccurate view of the state of knowledge. The reason this is important is that, in general, a wave function that has the special property Zukav talks about of being a product of individual wave functions for each component of the system only has that property in a particular basis; if we change to a different basis the property will no longer hold.

I mqsters even dignify this book zukqv an inclusion on ,i ‘science’ bookshelf.

It’s late 70’s LSD references were more of a distraction than helpful, relevant, or even funny. Frustrating because, something clicks, your mind abstractly grasps the idea, but when trying to convey these exciting new concepts to friends and loved ones, you feel grossly inadequate.

Etymology aside, Bohm’s physical theory about nonlocality has nothing to do with the appearance-reality distinction in philosophy the question of whether we can directly perceive or think about “that-which-is” ; it has nothing to do with how perception or thinking or knowing works in the brain; and it has nothing to do with any scientific concept of “information” such as is studied by information theory.


I particularly liked the chapters related to Einstein’s theories of relativity. Here are some notes on particular scientific misunderstandings or omissions that I spotted in the book. And since string theory is the “final” theory, it really should come last anyway.

So when he says that subatomic particles are “conscious” or that he believes in telepathy, it’s that much more frustrating. Of course, what they really proved was that the theoretical existence of atoms was the best explanation of the experimental data that anyone could invent at that time. The fact is that the philosophical view he expounds is not required by quantum mechanics; it is not a consequence of the experimental knowledge we have of quantum systems, but only of a certain philosophical viewpoint that some people have taken towards the theory itself, and that view is most emphatically not a consensus view.

Retrieved from ” https: He is far from being the only one with such a preference; in fact, even many scientists who, unlike Zukav, accept the view that the universe is is indifferent to us admit that they don’t necessarily like it. Eddington discussed it in several papers and in his popular work on mashers from that time.

Peter Donis Web Site – Philosophy Review: The Dancing Wu Li Masters

Thus, for example, photons “act as if they know” how an experiment is designed, so photons are conscious. This is also false; in fact, it is by no means logically guaranteed that a co-ordinate system that was found to be in zikav non-motion would be an inertial frame of reference.

Made an otherwise complicated subject readily readable for me, even eager for more. It is possible that he is trying to make a philosophical point: But oddly enough, I’d recommend that you read Zen and the Art zukag Motorcycle Maintenance as a primer garu this book.

Gary Zukav not only introduces the difficult concepts of Quantum Mechanics and the theory of Relativity in a simplistic layman-language, but also presents the new concepts of modern physics with lucid and vivid illustrations that Physics becomes a pleasant reading. A technician is a highly trained person whose job is to apply known techniques and principles.

His books have sold millions of copies and are published in sixteen languages. Wk of all, the proposition that “there is an external world which exists apart from us” is not an assumption of physics, either old or new: Woit refers to “The People’s Republic of Berkeley”. The “basis” of the Hilbert space is more or less analogous to the coordinate axes in ordinary three-dimensional space; we know from ordinary vector analysis that we can describe the same three-dimensional space using different coordinate axes that are rotated or translated relative to each other, without changing any physical predictions the individual coordinates we assign to events will be different, but the actual physical content of our theories will not change.


Nov 19, Max Ostrovsky rated it it was ok Shelves: Armchair philosophers throughout history have come up wy ideas like “we are part of nature”, but nobody before Newton came up with the inverse square law of gravity, nobody before Einstein came up with the curved spacetime picture of general relativity, nobody before Heisenberg came up with masterx uncertainty principle.

All matter, including ourselves, is determined by “information”. Since it’s been over 30 years since I read this, it’s time to re-new.

Granted, the Internet wasn’t around when Zukav first published this book, so the frequency with mqsters imaginative new ideas turn up in physics wasn’t as easy to see then; but now a quick check on any of several preprint websites will turn up an astounding variety of papers covering the full spectrum from well established theory to educated speculation to far-out brainstorming.

The ultimate perception does not originate in the brain or any material structure, although a material structure is mastees to manifest it. However, once again, as soon as he goes over into philosophy, he goes far beyond what is really implied by the theory that he is zkav about. The Schwarzschild solution to the Einstein field equation was discovered inand the presence in it of what we now call the “event horizon”, from which au that once passes inside can escape, was known in the ‘s.

Anyone reading the above who is familiar with the history of quantum mechanics, and the philosophical discussions among scientists about it, will recognize several major mischaracterizations. A rather interesting book, but not a real easy dajcing. As I noted in the review above, Zukav devotes considerable space to discussing the various philosophical positions which were known in regarding the Bell inequalities and nonlocality.

Quotes from Dancing Wu Li Mas If this were just an isolated passage, one could discount it, but the attitude it betrays pervades the whole book, and it is a pernicious one. In short, scientists discover and technicians apply.

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