Manual Kits. Engine Helicopter. [Download not found] GAUI-NX4. Electric Helicopter. GAUI-X7F GAUI-R5 GAUI-X5 GAUI-X5 FES GAUI-X5 Lite · GAUI-X4 II . GAUI. X. Quad-Flyer. Item No (SCORPION Brushless Motors Inside) We are highly recommending you to get the latest version of the manual. Gaui X Quadcopter: Part One (8 min 16 sec) . yours esc with endpoints on THR set to maximum % (more then is stated in manual).

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Should I be turning the gain up or down to combat the instability, or am I just adding too much payload?

Official GAUI X-S Build Thread/ Tips & Tricks – RC Groups

She does a fantastic job on both the video and the stills. The weather is calm with no wind, and I cant understand why the unit is wobbling. On a side note, where did you go to shoot the first half of the video? The transmitter used in the review was the Futaba 10CAP 2. With the motors and ESCs in manhal, the final step for the electronics installation is mounting the GU and your receiver.

The final 3-wire combo gets plugged into your aileron channel. Each wheel is held on the shaft with a small clip.

Gaui 330X S Quadcopter Review

Cant you build one of these for about half the price? Im guessing because its a whole lot easier. She did a fantastic job capturing a difficult subject. Motors 2 and 4, however, will need to be connected in reverse so they spin gauk.

If I unplug and plug back in, the mmanual controllers work as required Failure to do so may result in the windshield coming off in flight and turning to plastic snow as it goes through the four spinning props ask me how I know. Matt Images View all Images in thread Views: I’m having to max out the throttle to get her off of the ground with the cam mounted Thanks to everyone on this forum All the parts are bagged and ready for assembly.

  ESDU 80025 PDF

Tighten the propeller set onto the motor shaft Attention: My only suggestion would be to make an MP4 gzui of the video or upload it to YouTube so non windows users can see it: The clips slide over the shaft securely but can move around or come off, gaki if you side-load the gear with a less-than-perfect landing.

The Gaui X-S is a unique multi-rotor aircraft that behaves much like a collective-pitch helicopter in flight.

GAUI 330X Quad-Flyer Manuals

Once done, the gain adjustment pot and flight mode switch become inop. Without CA glue, the motor and mount would pop off safely and snap back on easily.

I’ve read the argument that it flies better when adjusted from the GU, and I have to disagree with that statement. Lifting off the wheels mmanual into a hover is uneventful, just make sure you get it up and out of the ground effect or you’ll find yourself fighting the controls as it dances around in the turbulent propwash.

This is my personal experience after flying the model with the frame glued and not glued. I never could open it up to the point I thought yaui wouldn’t go any faster. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Got it, continue to print.

Pull back on the elevator and it comes gzui a stop. Battery life varies by pack, payload, and flying style. Assembling the X-S is a very straightforward process, but can quickly turn south if you don’t follow the directions. I think I’m gonna start bringing my review planes over to Atlanta and letting your wife shoot the videos for me.

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Follow the instructions carefully when installing them. Aug 11, But even if you have a little heli stick-time, I think the Gaui X-S would make a great first multi-rotor. Everythng else is default.

Remember to Re-tighten the screws when the positions are set. Basically, each motor is numbered and will need to be plugged in to the corresponding labeled plug-in on the GU Enjoy your Quads, Team Empire 8 min 16 sec. Setting the gain too low will make it more difficult to hold in a hover.

Originally Posted by Reco. Originally Gai by AceMigKiller. And seemed gaji got fixed. Initial setup for throttle hi-low is required but no extensive programming is needed from the factory. Channels Drones Electric Flight. Ill do a full report on it when I receive it.

It’s a tight fit underneath the windshield, especially if you use a receiver with vertical channel slots. Originally Posted by webdr Your right Reco. If you’re hovering around on mAh, expect upwards of 15 minutes. They are a Wholesale Distributor; all the Dealers here have to get them from somewhere, right?

We’ll be sure to answer quickly and accurately. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Tahoe Ed Thanks for the Fish. Personally, I would recommend using flight mode all the time, and we’ll get into that later in the review.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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