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Understanding Astral Projection It used to be said that witches flew on broomsticks to meet their fellows. The ideal situation is when the astral and the earth plane are in balance and your friends and lovers on the earth plane are also your friends and lovers on the astral.

Not only that, they have the same astral-travel experiences. Various theorists have propounded different hypotheses for the very sophisticated scientific knowledge displayed by ancient peoples. Yes, of course get the love and affection you need for a few months.

Gavin yvonne frost astral travel free pdf – ineero’s soup

Because the salt circle is easier to make than the sulphur circle, we are giving you ybonne procedure. Thus astral projection seems to have been an ancient universal experience important enough to be recorded in early writings.

People from all walks of life, some barely literate, others renowned scholars, have banded together in this selfless effort to push back a final occult frontier of inner space. This will give you some clues as to whether you were dreaming or really astrally travelling. It is a sensation beyond the ability of words to describe, but one which you will always remember once you have undergone it.


Astral Travel: Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-of-the-Body Experiences

There are affirmations for use by both Pagans and Christians. When under direct psychic attack, many trained occultists rely on protection of this type.

If your bedmate is opposed to the experiment, you should arrange to sleep away from him or her for the week before full moon. Types of cars — Again, a location clue. Even though you may not see pictures, i. This book is dedicated to those who have contributed their loving time and effort to this project, and to those who in the future will share their results with the research team.

Alternatively, finger rings can be used. Whether you remember it or not. In your travels about the world in your new state, you can do many things you have always wanted to: Reluming 1 will attend to them. It is equally annoying w en you are in the middle of some indescribable pleasure- giving situation to be jerked back to the mundane. The diary or recording device you choose is your own business.

It presents no threat. Could Kaethe come home, she urged, because the doctors did not expect him to last the night. They are incompatible spiritually, and they will never be compatible on the earth plane. A more powerful heart protector is a flat circular disc of iron hung as a medallion from the necklace, arranged so that it lies over the heart.

It is easier to travel when the sun is below the horizon. In the remaining sleep time, called A- state, the subject is quiet, moving rarely, and has only that brain activity required to sustain life functions. Some subjects report hardly any jolt at all.

Those fears are totally groundless. Now carefully follow the steps below, checking each step before you proceed to the next, and making sure that you have all the necessary equipment yvnone space available for your work. You are at the newest post.

We cannot be responsible for anything that may happen to you if you ignore it. Try to prolong your wakefulness into the time after Me falls asleep; in other words, try to take away the consciousness barrier between waking and sleeping. You should do everything you can to identify this person. Want to Read saving…. Throughout recorded history, the fact has been known that all living beings are composed of an astral and a mundane part.


A lifetime of monogamy inflicted by outside rules, however, or insisted on by one partner and only en ured by the other, is a neurotic arrangement that can only engen er a festering resentment. In fact later investigation showed that Al fell from the ladder at almost the same moment that I fell frsot the stairs and in fact all! Just as had been promised, I was light as a feather. Most people can easily accomplish this. It takes only a few moments to jot down this information but if you don’t do it at the time, it can often be very difficult to remember later.

Instantly you will be forst. If you are clair- something else, you should change the list so that the first istraction you apply is not keyed to your principal sensory input. A nywhere Anytime Astral Travel 99 4. A thalidomide baby, she does not have the use of her legs. Your mind is a miraculous problem-solver, one whose capabilities are only just being comprehended. Many centuries ago it was found that an iron band wrapped in leather forms a total protective circle when it is placed on the head.

Here are two cases in which astral projection meant the difference between life and death. If anything, these are even more fulfilling than those in the everyday world.

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