MAKE’EM PAY Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster GEORGE HAYDUKE Transcribed by ZoneTripper – — CONTENTS — Nelson. Make ‘Em Pay: Ultimate Revenge Techniques for the Master Trickster. George Hayduke. from: $ · Advanced Backstabbing and Mudslinging Techniques. Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks: George Hayduke: Books –

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To ask other readers questions about Get Evenplease sign up. In fact, he thought hookahs were New Englands prostitutes and I thought a bong was something from the start of a J.

George Hayduke (character) – Wikipedia

Need I say more? You may wish to disguise yourself and your drivers. Refresh and try again. Chunder, Dick Hsyduke and Carla. I decided to help out these dumb Nazis we got here playing cop. Sometimes, though, idiots obtain these prime vehicles and do rude things to other people’s property. The evening’s show was a washout in the true sense of the word. But those georg the innocent years. Targeting the dam was always Hayduke’s highest aspiration. Normally, harassment of a citizen is a low-priority case with the police.

Perhaps, though, Dick’s right.

Most public officials are a waste anyway so what’s it matter, as one of my old CIA chums once said. Hope that the secretary will open the mail first – this is usually the case. Deny everything, unless, again, your plan involves overt personal involvement. In addition to their use as weapons themselves, books contain lots of ammunition to be fired at your marks.

I forgot to tell Carla that in their own world, dogs have a pound where they tow stray humans. Our contributor suggests very thin slices of cheese or cold cuts salami geotge great between the pages.


Label it with the mark’s name and the identification of some popular program, then put it in the school’s computer room library. Reproduce this photograph on the type of advertising flyer that stores put under windshield wipers of cars parked in large shopping malls. His is a simple idea that hyaduke the simple-minded Brotherhood of Rednecked Baboons who misuse these fine machines.

This one works even better if your mark is a super- patriotic son of the Jessie Helms ilk. Carla says that in most states you can legally seize georbe, please any dog that sets paw on your property.

Does your mark have a vehicle with an automatic transmission? For starters, here is some help with an easier chose – making life bad for some true jerks.

Similar authors to follow

Or, you can walk into the washeteria with about five pounds of calcium carbide wonderful stuff and haayduke it into a washing machine. Not only can you use a transceiver with the proper crystals of frequencies to have fun in official radioland, you can also modify the official actions of the minions of this land. Or try to pick books that are totally inappropriate to your mark’s lifestyle, biases, etc.

Please take the time to fill out the form and list your complaints, then tell us how much veorge you feel your rent should be because of these defects. If Skull ever sells the movie rights to this thing, we should call it Tarmac the Barbarian. Making your own fireworks for use against your enemies can be fun and probably safer than trying to smuggle them. You dress in the surrogate-rented suit and do your dirty work. It will work best if neither of the marks, primary or secondary, has a sense of humor.


That was a rhetorical questions.

If the laundromat has no attendant on duty, and most don’t, simply go into the place and fill all the hayduoe machines with quick-drying cement. Now, you need an efficient, trusted hacker, who knows how to bypass security on the company computer. Tears of joyful acceptance from deep within George Washington Hayduke, Jr.

That, and the alarming plague of individual, corporate institutional and governmental bullies at home, has hastened my return across our southern border. Kerri Smith “The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Anyway, neither of us are dopers. Rob from Palm Beach got a large box, filled it with packing, then included a plastic gdorge full gdorge two or three days accumulated dog dump. In smaller type, it read: Then one of them spit right in my face. First, “in confusion there is profit.

Full text of “Hayduke, George Make ’em Pay Ultimate Revenge Techniques Paladin Press”

All are pre-addressed to your mark and most have prepaid postage. It takes a deft touch, Tanya says, but you can do it. They pay their taxes, try to hold jobs, are kind to other people and are good at their families. Please read this book with georbe reference in mind.

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