Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · by George Meredith. The Egoist: A Comedy in Narrative by George Meredith. No cover available. Download. The Egoist, in full The Egoist: A Comedy in Narrative, comic novel by George Meredith, published in three volumes in The novel is one of Meredith’s most. Complete summary of George Meredith’s The Egoist. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Egoist.

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Meredith’s as I have the story came to him in agony. Virginia Woolf said of The Egoist: The Egoist and Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest share much in common in a schematic sense—and both employ a dowager and comic mereedith to deflate class and pretense—but one seems to lumber while the other nimbly darts. Being one of the gentry, he uses the usual criteria: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Clara, a spirited young girl, has got herself engaged to Willoughby only to realise fairly early on that she doesn’t like him and would find it hellish to be married to him. The characterization is mainly strong, with some attractive and distinctive female characters in particular; and Sir Willoughby is a splendid and subtly realised comic creation—a highly original and quite memorable satirical take on the traditional gentlemanly romantic lead.

Sir Wiloughby is eventually sorted out but, even though he pledges to change some of his unattractive ways, there is some doubt he can. He would bend the will of others, as well as distort his own vision in order to the protect his view of Self. Hopefully this interest in the classics is not just a sign of middle age!

The Egoistin full The Egoist: He has his ways of doing things, and people need to mdredith to those ways. Still, fifth rated o Rating this book is quite a challenge.

The Egoist

I had read this novel in my college days, as part of a tutorial on comedy. As she gets to know his quirks of personality and experiences his intolerance to perceived disloyalty, she starts to realize who she will become once she has been indoctrinated into this self-love dictatorship over the coming decades.


Looking for More Great Reads? Inwhen this novel was published, to win a womans hand meant to make her your possession.

The Egoist by George Meredith | : Books

I could have done with fewer conversations covering the same ground of earlier chapters. Spy of the First Person. Yet now the literary departments hardly know his name…. Help us improve this article! The first chapter or so once we’ve got the introduction to the nature of comedy out of the way scythes through events quite briskly and I wasn’t expecting the pace of the book to be so slow.

Thanks meredtih telling us about the problem.

The Egoist: A Comedy in Narrative by George Meredith

There is good reason why that suggestion was made. On the other hand it was, after a couple of hundred pages of “I understood every word of I’m not quite sure to make of this one. He develops to their logical extremity his ideas on egoism, on sentimentality and on the power of comedy. I am very glad that people egoiist longer talk like that. Interesting if you love Victorian romance or have a deep interest in the history of psychology in the late 19th century.

Meredith is able to use this long-running conflict, however lightly presented, as a means to show the social effect of Willoughby’s egoism, a trait with which he endows to georye degrees in most of the patrician educated and idle class to which he belong. The author employs a singular blend of elliptical dialogue, incisive epigram, and remarkable metaphor.

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The Egoist – Wikisource, the free online library

A young, rich, beautiful woman finds herself engaged to a not-so-young, rich and beautiful man. So what does a young and unworldly woman do when she finds herself inexorably affianced to a man she has come to despise, a man whose entire ego gratification depends on making her his chattel?


In The Egoisthis comic masterpiece, George Meredith takes the traditional marriage plot of English domestic fiction and turns it on its head. However, after the extremely dense and tiresome opening chapter which I recommend skipping–even the author suggests this!

Egiist precipitating event that awakens Clara to the pervasive self regard of Sir Willoughby is his treatment of a namesake whom he wishes to have visit then snubs because his appearance is too plebian. Refresh and try again.

He develops to their logical extremity his ideas on egoism, on sentimentality and on the power of comedy. I enjoyed the idea merddith using the concept of evolution as a backdrop for a comic drama. Surely it would be far more efficacious to use physiognomy to choose leaders than democracy.

People in general worship others as reflections of themselves only. Please try again later.

Earlier or later they see they have been victims of the singular Egoist, have worn a mask of ignorance to be named innocent, have turned themselves into market produce for his delight, and have really abandoned the commodity in ministering to the lust for it, suffered themselves to be dragged ages back in playing upon the fleshly innocence of happy accident to gratify his jealous greed of possession, when it should have been their task to set the soul above the fairest fortune and the gift of strength in women beyond ornamental whiteness.

I guess some things never change But for the past week, the last pages or so I got sucked in and could barely put it down. I This is a fantastic story about Willoughby, a man who is so self-centered he never considers the possibility that other people are separate human beings. Patterne then pursues Clara Middleton, meanwhile encouraging the tender feelings of Laetitia Dale.

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