The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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Nov 18, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Then, leaving the rest, and ,auprat he would have nothing to do with lawyers, he did not even wait for the geoge, but took me by the collar and flung me on to the crupper of his horse, saying: Pour me out a glass of Spanish wine; for I feel a cold shiver running through my body. His dog jumped up on his knees and displayed his affection by attempts at little cries which changed into a series of sneezes you remember that he was born dumb.

One of my top three favorites. Thanks for telling us about the problem. My grandfather took me, bathed in a cold sweat as I was, and threw me over to a great fellow, lame and horribly ugly, who carried me into sanf house.

As for him, he was so little concerned about me that, had I fallen, I doubt whether he would have taken the trouble to pick me up. Whenever I told her of any distress she at once supplied a xand.

I often find references to George Sand in other books I’m reading. Happily, I found Mauprat quite charming.

Mauprat, by George Sand : XVI

The venerable trees around and the scattered rocks above bury it in everlasting obscurity; and you would experience the greatest difficulty, even in broad daylight, in crossing the deserted path leading to it, without stumbling against the gnarled trunks and rubbish that bar every step.

This loving soul, no more able than Blaireau to express itself in words, had sunk beneath the weight of his own happiness.

One unique book and romantic love story, placed in the heart of Revolutionary France. Despite her strange, inconsistent, and at some points really annoying behavior, Bernard patiently bears yeorge to reach the expected happy end of the novel.


I disliked Edmee from the first and found her extremely arrogant and I lost respect sannd Bernard due to mauuprat continual fawning on her. No man can cease to have a regard for his own honor without at the same time ceasing to feel the respect due to the principle of honor.

Though Bernard’s “love spewing” at times grew a maurat repetitive and unnecessary, the characters of Patience and Marcasse added much to the enjoyment of the novel. The portrayal of the pirates is also well done and Bernard’s quick decision to act against their will and plots caused me to fall in love with the complexity of Edmee and Bernard before the first sequence was completed. Want to Read saving….

The novel is narrated by a much older Bernard, who is entertaining some visitors with the story of his life, but apart from the first chapter, the book feorge structured as a straightforward first person narrative.

The fact that there are samd who could become enamoured of this slut is indeed a proof of the abasement of the men of this generation. The abbe was too fond maupra improving his mind from the writings of the wise to have time for anything else.

But, since I’d grown to admire Edmee’s character a lot capricious though she often wasit really did bug me. The hidalgo said nothing; he raised his hat as makprat then sitting down he turned pale and shut his eyes. The Mauprats, knowing how the ground lay, and having no particular need of money any longer, since they had repudiated their debts, demanded payments in kind only.

As this would suggest, the novel is a romance. He had one daughter, and there his hopes of posterity ended; for soon afterward his wife died of a violent illness which the doctors called iliac passion. He was a prudent man and a just, because he was cultured, because his father had moved with the spirit of his century, and had had him educated.

Feorge, who was in the act of counting a pile of money, let it fall on the table and came towards me with the old cordiality. Eustache Deschamps, ca — It was easy enough for the Mauprats to pervert these poor folk; they feigned a friendly interest in them to mark their difference from the other nobles in the province whose manners still retained some of the haughtiness of their ancient power.


Perhaps more than in any other of her works, Sand created a wide potpourri of some negative, but mostly positive male characteristics in this story, which takes place in her native Berry region of France inp the s. Let us make haste, then, to the place you are burning to reach. Shame is stronger than conscience. All you can do is to take a wallet and go from door to door to beg your bread, because you are used to bread and would die if you had to mmauprat on roots like the sorcerer Patience, that outcast of Nature, whom everybody hates and despises because he has not geoge a beggar.

Mauprat is the romantic tale of a “wild” man civilized by the woman he loves. He made him swallow a few drops; its strength revived him. Our passage had lasted more than four months, and it must have been quite six months since we had had any news of the hermit.

Mauprat by George Sand

As Georgr exclaims in the closing pages of the book, “Oh, woman, woman! Views Read Edit View history. The moon, I remember, was shining here and there through the dense foliage of the forest.

Until I read this book George Sand was an author I had heard of but knew nothing about. Marcasse, however, seemed to feel no fear; Blaireau had told him plainly that Patience was alive, and the footmarks of the little dog, freshly printed in the sand of the walk, showed the direction in which he had gone.

It is a romantic drama based on the power of love to change the destiny of a man who has the bad luck to be born in a family as the Mauprats. He offers to help her to safety – but under a heavy condition, which defines the rest of the book.

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