George Washington Cable was among the many Post-Civil War writers who Through his book, Jean-ah Poquelin, we see the New Orleans. The main character of the story is Jean Marie Poquelin a native Creole with a would even say, “He should ask Jacques as soon as he got home” (Cable ). The Artistry of Cable’s. “Jean-ah Poquelin”. By Alice Hall Petty. In the more than a century since George Washington Cable first gained national prominence.

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For each and every immigrant that made passage to their new home they brought with them their culture, which consisted of a variety of nuances, one of those being their neuroticism.

Meredith Stabel rated it really liked it May 05, The longer something remained a mystery the more frightening it became. George Washington Cable was an American novelist notable for the realism of his portrayals of Wshington life in his native Louisiana.

So it was decided that a group of men, young and old alike,would gather together and visit a shivaree upon upon the Poquelin estate. Indigo fields grew obsolete in their region and Jean lacked the needed ambition to start up a new crop of the more lucrative sugar cane that was becoming all the rage in and around his hometown, thus turned to smuggling and later African slave-trade.

Jean-Ah Poquelin

Most likely the town would have forced Jean to have his brother committed to a leprosy colony out of fear for their own health. During the time period that this story is set there was an ever growing number of immigrants immersing washingfon into the still new and young United States. Thus, I found myself thinking of it again and thought I would read it. Old Jean visits the spot daily.


Abby Ward – Gothic Fiction: Reflections on “Jean-ah Poquelin” by George Washington Cable

It stood aloof from civilization, the tracts that had once been its indigo fields given over to their first noxious wildness, and grown up into one of the horridest marshes within a circuit of fifty miles. Return to Book Page.

This behavior did not place him in a favorable light with his neighbors, they found him odd and mysterious. Ekeliden marked it as to-read Apr 10, His father lies under the floor of the St. Why he had been at the estate all along. Links Home Index of Authors You can support this site by making your next Amazon purchase through this link. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Adaptation of Madness.

Jasmine G rated it it was ok Sep 06, The main character of the story is Jean Marie Poquelin a native Creole with a successful indigo plantation. Marta rated it it was ok Mar 17, So when he returned home without his younger brother and refused to discuss the matter much speculation and rumor was soon running rampant throughout the heart of their small community.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Want to Read saving…. He needed to go, if not for the land they wanted then at the very least for the good of the town as a whole.

“Jean-ah-Poqulein” – Madness In a Gothic Setting

The house was of heavy cypress, lifted up on pillars, grim, solid, and spiritless, its massive build a strong reminder of days still earlier, when every man had been his own peace officer and the insurrection of the blacks a daily contingency. This would go on for hours at a time, normally during the nighttime.

Eventually the small township began to outgrow itself and more land was needed to build new jena and buildings. Navigation The Adaptation of Madness. The waters of this canal did not run; they crawled, and were full of big, ravening fish and alligators, that held it against all comers.


It was two years later before old Jean would return home, notably absent where his ship and his much younger brother, Jacques. Tyler Hochstetler rated it really liked it Apr 06, Open Preview See a Problem? I don’t think a day goes by that I do not think about it. Becky Graham rated it liked it Feb 02, Together they left for the long trip, leaving their sole mute slave in charge of the remaining estate.

This short story is set in the earlier part of the 19th century around in Louisiana.

Of course there was also talk of hauntings, several people came forward whispering that they had seen a white apparition moving about the Poquelin estate late at night. This did not go over well with the reclusive Jean and even though he ventured out to make his protest known, all the Governor poqulin was laugh in his face and blow poor Jean off.

It left a deep mark on my heart. His only family was his exceedingly smart younger brother Jacques. What I do understand is the strange relationships Jean-Marie has jsan the reader and the other characters. I think the unsettling and weirdly sympathetic feeling the story left me with came mostly from the nature of the treatment of Jean-Marie by the townspeople, which I suppose can be traced loosely to socio-economic standings.

It is a haunting and heartbreaking as ever. Jean-ah-Poqulein by Christina Alpe. Jean gambled away all of their slaves, save one elderly mute African.

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