sure to read also the instruction manual for the Soxtherm Manager SX PC! Observe On the basis of the C. Gerhardt conditions of warranty our products are. Gerhardt. Soxtherm – Automatic Rapid Extraction Systems. Modern Laboratory Management. dt has been known for dacades for manufac-. A rapid extraction system which runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. It provides an efficient high performance.

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The control software monitors and logs all processing and device data. Just insert the extraction beaker and let it run: Open the catalog to page 2.

Extraction – Soxtherm – Gerhardt Malaysia

Its main areas of application are fat determination of foods and feed stuffs, and preparation of samples for residue analysis and environmental analysis. Open the catalog to page 3. Gerhardt also supply a traditional Hydrolysis system HY 16 which is supplied with a powerful 6 place EV hotplate, beakers, condensers, condenser support rods, filter funnels and funnel support stand.

Soxhlet extraction was originally designed for the extraction of a lipid from a solid material. Extraction beakers lifted off automatically to prevent the extract from burning. The Gerhardt Soxtherm automates and speeds the extraction process and can evaporate and recover the solvent.

Features Series extraction Easy to upgrade the system. A short presentation video of Hydrotherm is now available: Suitable for all common solvents. Economical and fast Solvents can be reclaimed. The controller, Multistat, can control and monitor up to 4 units individually. Front window pane made of safety glass. By immersing the sample in hot solvent the extractable material is removed more quickly than the traditional method.


Rapid extraction system for solid-liquid extractions. Many companies in the textile industry either have their own test laboratory to check the quality and characteristics of their raw materials and final products or have them regularly tested by research institutes.

Extraction of coatings and finishes in textiles. Traditional methods involve the digestion of food and feed with strong Hydrochloric acid, in beakers on a hotplate, in order to digest the protein and to free the bound lipids.

Illuminated extraction beakers allows operator check the extraction process visually constantly. The Soxtherm gerhxrdt proved to be a fast, efficient and safe method of Soxhlet extraction for many hundreds of laboratories all over the World.

A short presentation video of Soxtherm is now available: Cooling water is only used when the system gedhardt in operation. The device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. We only use high quality materials with long service lives to provide you with maximum functionality and reliability. It delivers precise extraction results of the highest validity.

Soxhlet / Fat Analysis

It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consistently. The solvent used can be almost entirely recovered.

After processing on the Hydrotherm the filter paper is removed, dried and can then be placed on a soxhlet system for final extraction of the fat.


Certified soxthdrm and the highest level of validity of analysis results are basic requirements for the services of analysis laboratories. They automate recurring analysis processes in accordance with national gerhxrdt international standards and norms.

The device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. Cereals and cereal products Milk and dairy products Meat and meat products Chocolate and cacao products Oil and oilseeds Fruits Fat in feed Lipids in egg and egg products Sample Preparation with Soxtherm Soxtherm is a very precise instrument when it comes to the determination of the pollution of e.

The Gerhardt Hydrotherm fully automates this process whilst still conforming to international standards of analysis. It provides sooxtherm efficient high performance. Related Searches Electronic control unit Analyzer for woxtherm food industry Nitrogen analyzer Gerhardt laboratory digester Carbon analyzer Chlorine analyzer COD digester Thermo-mixer Digital thermo-mixer Gerhardt distillation system Bench-top thermo-mixer Gehrardt automatic distillation system Analog heating plate Laboratory thermo-mixer Gerhardt steam distillation system Laboratory dryer Glassware dryer Hydrolysis unit Protein analyzer Laboratory extractor.

EU agrees on maximum cadmium level in fertilisers. Available for — ml flasks.

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