19, posts. 12, battles. [HINON] One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. I used a . I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau. 19, posts . German DDs do not eat more AP pens than other destroyers in the game. In addition, their wide hull makes it very easy for enemy cruisers and battleships to penetrate with armor-piercing shells, doing more. km) and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister. .. 19, posts .. Maybe if Wargaming does a second German Cruiser Line or even a.

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Helgoland and Oldenburg were battleships to Britain and Japan respectively, and broken up in She was then drydocked in Bremerhaven for periodic maintenance on 26—29 April. The first variation, “H,” called for six ships to be built, essentially as enlarged Bismarck -class battleships with On 6 March, Bismarck received the order to steam to Kiel.

Greenhill Park 11 Mar: I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau.

List of battleships of Germany

The British failed to penetrate the Luftwaffe fighter shield and all six Swordfish were destroyed. The aft radar, which possessed only a limited forward arc, was the ship’s only remaining radar capability. The wreck was eventually broken up in — The two ships would not be ready for action until July or August. He continued to give orders, trying to close the range, but was subsequently killed when another shell hit the bridge.

On 6 February, the two ships refueled from the tanker Schlettstadt south of Cape Farewell. The ship struck another mine off Terschelling on the starboard side at The five ships were recalled to active service at the outbreak of war in Posted October 30, edited.


Gallant gets bagtleships per tube. The ship suffered more serious damage from manoeuvres to evade the torpedoes: Bismarck ‘ s sister ship Tirpitz rapidly approached completion.

Thoughts on Gneisenau ?? – German Battleships – World of Warships official forum

battleshps Both were driven off by anti-aircraft fire and fighters. The vessel turned out to be the banana boat SS Mopan of 7, tons. When attempting to steer the ship solely through altering propeller revolutions, the crew learned that Bismarck 1935 be kept on course only with great difficulty. It all very much depends on your play style.

Both the surviving ships had received upgraded AA during the war, but ultimately were taken out of surface action by allied efforts.

In all of World War 2, the Admiral Scheer under Captain Theodor Krancke was by far the most successful capital ship commerce raider of the conflict, particularly in his foray into the Indian Ocean. Hey great stuff please do.

Gneisenau germaan turned her fire on Acastawhile Scharnhorst dispatched Ardent.

The first attack took place on the night of 30—31 March, and a second occurred on 4—5 April. Battleships portal Germany portal War portal. Scharnhorst took on a list of one degree and was down by the bows by a meter. Sunk at the Battle of North Cape, 26 December [76]. I do well on it but just don’t like it. The cruiser and destroyers carried the assault forces for Narvik and Trondheim, while Gneisenau and Scharnhorst provided cover for them.

Three almost differently constructed and recontructed ships but from the same class.

The ships were subsequently raised and broken up for scrap between and It also exploded on the armored deck and tore a small hole in it.


Norway offered to return the turret from Trondheim inthough the offer was rejected. I wonder what the “gimmick” would be on her? The magnetic detonators failed to work properly and Sheffield emerged unscathed.

The missing section battleshipd away roughly where the torpedo had hit, 193995 questions of possible structural failure. Unbeknown to the Germans, the British were reading the radio transmissions between Scharnhorst and the Fleet Command; Admirals Robert Burnett and Bruce Fraser were aware of Bey’s plan for the attack on the convoy and could position their forces accordingly. A second shell from this salvo struck the forward main battery which was disabled, though it would manage to fire one last salvo at I still keep mine at my port.

While serving as verman squadron flagship, Scharnhorst carried an additional ten officers and 61 enlisted men. Jervis fired but all her initial volley shots batyleships short and soon the 11 inch shells from Scheer started to germam the Jarvis Bay. Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in May All German capital ships deployed to the Atlantic were therefore out of action.

Eight holes were found in the hull, one on the starboard side and seven on the port side, all above the waterline.

Scrapped in [54]. However, due to their age and vulnerability, they were withdrawn from active service by So you’ve got to mix a bit of both.

The two Bismarck -class battleships followed in ; Bismarck was completed in and Tirpitz in During the repair process, the aircraft catapult that had been installed on the rear gun turret was removed.

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