Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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It’s Findings and more.

Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to fersony back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale massacres emanated out of the countryside. This team was unique because it was the only team that was allowed to travel freely though the country without RPA escorts.

They visited 41 communes and 9 refugee camps to collect evidence. In his findings, Mr. At times, Hutu prisoners were used as slave labor to dig the mass graves and dump the bodies in. Sagato Ogata stopped encouraging Rwandan Hutu refugees to return to Rwanda because of the killings, as reported in the New York Times at the end of September.


Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed.

Gersony was instructed never to talk about it publicly. The public would even be told in later years that the report never existed. In her book “The Turbulent Decade,” Ms.

Ogata describes Gersony “formalizing his report for presentation to the commision of experts” on October 11, In his recent book on the Congo, Mr. Gersony briefed the commission in Geneva.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed. – The Proxy Lake

However, they inexplicably basically dismissed the report pg. Gersony later allegedly told Mr. Prunier during a meeting with him that he had never written a “fully developed version” of his findings because he knew they would not be published.

Instead, he had only “field notes” in “documentary form.

The report was also potentially damaging to the United States, a strong supporter of the new Rwandan government. As described by Mr. Wirth travelled to Kigali and several places in New York, spreading disinformation by attacking Gersony’s methodology and claiming it was a “Hutu conspiracy.

Gersony and his team subjectively concluded from the investigation feport the RPA committed genocide against the Hutu.

Robert Gersony – Wikipedia

Gresony, he and Mr. Annan later concluded that RPA massacres did occur, but they were not genocide, contradicting the findings of Mr. Gersony, a seasoned investigator.


Reyntjens went on gersonh say in the article of 28 June”Publication of the report would have prevented the RPF to commit the massacre of overHutu refugees in Zaire,” says Reyntjens.

The same way that Israel has used the holocaust to legitimate attacks on the Palestinians,” says Reyntjens. The second cable is from Refugees International, who had a station across the Tanzanian-Rwandan border.

Gersony Cable Cable 2: Chris Black for providing these pdf documents. Prunier’s book do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of his book. Had these two African men had human conscious, the Rwandan genocide which took close to 1, innocent lives and the genocide rwport Congo which followed it with close to 7, Congolese dead, would have been prevented.

The campaign of misinformation by the western deport brokers at the UN indicates that no African on planet earth has human rights protection?

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