An efficient four-component reaction was developed to take advantage of the reactivity of the 2-aminothiophenecarbonitrile functionality. The Gewald reaction is a very useful and versatile method for condensation of aliphatic aldehyde or ketone or β-dicarbonyl compound with active nitrile and. The Gewald reaction is an organic reaction involving the condensation of a ketone (or aldehyde when R2 = H) with a α-cyanoester in the presence of elemental.

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It displayed good antibacterial activity against S.

After the eraction of 1 with potassium hydrosulfide the reactive sufanyl-substituted intermediate 2 was created, which in the subsequent intramolecular addition of sulfanyl group gewzld cyano group proceeded ethyl 2-amino-4hydroxythiophene- 3-carboxylate 4 in equilibrium with its cyclic tautomer — the appropriate imine 3 Scheme 1.

In this case the base, mainly secondary amine diethylamine, morpholineis used in 0. Screening for the bifurcation conditions Initially, the reaction of several nitriles was screened with aldehyde precursor 10 to determine the selectivity between thiophene and thiazole products.

Initially, the reaction of several nitriles was screened with aldehyde precursor 10 to determine the selectivity between reactikn and thiazole products.

TDP is co-enzyme present in a number of enzymes, including pyruvate decarboxylase, transketolase, pyruvate oxidase.

►Gewald reaction –

Results from his work have been published in about peer-reviewed scientific papers and 62 patents. Cinnamyl derivatives of thieno[2,3-d]oxazinones 72 Figure 5 inhibits herpes protease processing in HSV-2 infected cells. The strategy presented by authors, is based on the replacement of the benzene ring in benzoxazinones by thiophene reaxtion. Gewald reaction, substituted 2-aminothiophenes, drug design, optoelectronics, dyes Table of Contents 1.


We have successfully shown that substitution of the nitrile precursor predetermines the reaction outcome yielding exclusively to a thiophene or thiazole product.

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Synthesis of substituted 2-aminothiophenes The chemistry of 2-aminothiophenes has received much attention upon their convenient availability through the most versatile synthetic method developed by Gewald and his coworkers. From the symmetric ketone 47 the Gewald thiophene synthesis was conducted in a stepwise fashion through Knoevenagel-Cope condensation to give the intermediate 48 followed gewalld base-promoted thiophene cyclization with sulfur.

Science, Scheme 11 Table 5. S8, DBU, toluene, microwave irradiation, 20 min.

Gewald reaction: synthesis, properties and applications of substituted 2-aminothiophenes

Gewalc allow direct comparison and evaluation of the influence of substrate modifications on the reaction outcome we maintained the standard reaction conditions generated above.

Applications of 2-aminothiophenes in drug design, optoelectronics and dyes Substituted 2-aminothiophenes represents a category of an important precursors broadly employed in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes and potential building blocks in materials chemistry.

Scheme 12 Table 6. In a reaction of 3trifluoromethylacetophenone 30 with either benzoylacetonitrile or ethyl cyanoacetate 31 in the presence titanium IV chloride afforded Knoevenagel-Cope product All issues All volumes Interesting articles Isocyanide-based multicomponent reactions towards cyclic constrained peptidomimetics.

As it is presented on Schemesthe substituted 2-aminothiophene ring is formed from the aliphatic starting substrates during the multi step gdwald sequence: Recent progress in the racemic and enantioselective synthesis of monofluoroalkene-based gesald isosteres.

The reaction was successful it the R-substituted 2-bromo-1phenylethanones 27 were reacted with 3-oxophenylpropanenitrile 28 and sulfur in the presence of diethylamine as a base in ethanol Scheme Ac2O, Reactuon ClO4 2; b: Microwave enhanced Gewald reaction in combination with solid-support accelerated method was presented as an easy access to polysubstituted 2-aminothiophenes.


Because of the inconvenient conditions such as strong base, longer reaction time and difficult purification, the target 5bromo- 2-aminothiophenes 29 were obtained only in moderate yields Table 9. Even though 2-substituted thiazoles are important structures in their own right, further substitution can be easily achieved through published protocols to form 2,4-substituted thiazoles, 2,5-substituted thiazoles and also 2,4,5-substituted thiazoles [30]. It was shown that the presence of an alkyl or aryl substituent adjacent to the cyano group leads selectively to the thiazole by blocking the Gewald type mechanism responsible for the formation of the 2-aminothiophene.

Thiazole formation through a modified Gewald reaction

The study demonstrates the versatility of 2-aminothiophenes as a synthetic entry to serine protease-inhibiting, fused 1,3-oxazinones. Inshe moved to University of SS.

Recently, the improvements of the Gewald synthesis were reactiion. Based on these author observations reported a synthesis of the number of analogs of 74 via the Gewald reaction and evaluated for cytotoxic activity against Rifampicin-resistant S. Finally, in Scammells and co-workers have presented the synthetic pathway to 5-bromo substituted 2-aminothiophenes Scoping of the 2-substituted thiazole formation.

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