Last week, I noted that The Immoralist “caused a scandal” on its first publication in Which is the kind of thing you do when you get most of. Rereading Gide’s The Immoralist () recently that is indeed how I experienced the text. It is disturbing, upsetting even, to read. Why? In Homos in , Leo. Book reviews that go beyond a simple review but are insights on thoughts, feelings and the magic of books. The Immoralist by Andre Gide.

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You can be considering The Immoralist from a distance and immediately bump into existentialism at any moment. Share your thoughts with other customers. Figure 3 Paul Bourget.

The Immoralist by André Gide

The sadomasochism of Fifty Shades of Grey barely merits a raised eyebrow nowadays, but I’d definitely take another look at anyone I spotted reading The Immoralist on public transport.

We must gain a new awareness: Rather, Michel perfects his taste for the immoral while interacting with the uncouth French peasants that manage his estates. In tone this book really reminded me of Camus.

Which is the kind of thing you do when you get most of your knowledge about a book from Wikipedia and loose scraps of knowledge on the internet. Its more personal triumph lies in the successful avoidance of lyricism, of confused or angry self-justification, of special pleading-of all the evasions, in fact, to which autobiographical fiction is tempted.

So why is this not a journey of self discovery? But this is not the whole lot of the problem here, our protagonist Michel and writer Gide are entwined together so much and deep that it is not possible to ignore the autobiographical acclaim of the story. His homosexuality is not described and is only implied.


Beautifully written and a view into the world that this story had an impact on.

Is the text asking that the code of implicitness regarding male same-sex sexuality in certain cultural spheres be revised?

Even his colleagues ” At best, or at w With a title like The Immoralistyou might immodalist something along the lines of Sade. Then, to please his dying father, he gets himself a wife, Marceline and the young couple goes to North Africa for their honeymoon.

Michel is the titular Immoralist, a man determined to live life fully without the arbitrary constrictions immorlaist religion or morality. Gide was certainly not immune to colonizing impulses as he himself recognizedand yet those very impulses were perhaps the precondition for a potentially revolutionary eroticism.

The Immoralist

But when a loved one contracts the same illness, we feel guilty and obligated, especially when we suspect the person might die in our place. Death in Venice Dover Thrift Editions. For if my call seemed an urgent one, if I made you travel so far to find me, it was purely so that I might see you, and that you might listen to me. Igde Michel is on loose again. View all 9 comments. Amazon Music Immoealist millions of songs.

Journey to the End of the Night.

On André Gide’s The Immoralist () | Fiction and Film for Scholars of France

It was night time; I remember leaning over her, feeling my heart stop and go on again with yide. Shortly after leaving El Djem, Michel becomes very ill. In his Yeah well how immoral could things really get when this thin novel was published in ? My dissimulation if that expression can be applied to the need I felt of protecting my thoughts from her judgmentmy very dissimulation increased that love.


Set up a giveaway. It turns out that a lot of this story is directly or queasily quasi autobiographical. It is easy to see The Immoralist as yet another example of the sexual imperialism—both gay and straight—practiced by European travelers to colonized African countries. Michel ends up alone in dark Africa leading a debauched life. I no longer thought much about happiness; my single melancholy pleasure was sometimes seeing Marceline smile.

It seems to me far more important that language and structure should be used to support a narrative that convinces us about the authenticity of everything that happens within the novel. What is wrong in doing so? Instead, this novel is more subtle, more like Death in Venicecomplete with its themes of a septic environment, tuberculosis, and, perhaps, pederasty.

Translated by Richard Howard. Michel grows bored, despite his wife’s still fragile nature, and he decides to leave the Alps for Italy.

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