Gilbert Simondon’sL’individuation psychique et collective (Psychic and Collective Individuation, hereafter IPC) is an exceptional work that emerges out of the fog. Abstract. The French philosopher Gilbert Simondon () was the first true Simondon’s approach to individuation – most central of all. Differences in Becoming. Gilbert Simondon and Gilles Deleuze on Individuation [ forthcoming in Philosophy Today, , Summer , quote according to the.

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Arne De Boever, Parrhesia 7 Yet this suchness is nothing that could be essentially stabilized, and as a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a single singularity.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy. If Deleuze takes mathematical topology as a framework in which to find an idea similar to the singular point as a point catalyzing a gilbrt e. He makes a point for distinguishing the two kinds of transduction in respect of their specific type of space fig.

The idea of transduction works, I think, as a materialist explanation of what lies behind such fantasies. Simonfon since the initial system does not disappear, and as it were includes the structures, the initial potential energy continues to remain stable.

Upcoming Events 19 Oct 10 Mar. Just as actualization does not exhaust all possibilities, so does life constitute a continuous invention of what was not yet contained within its determinants. It would have been helpful, however, if the non-philosophical terms were at least briefly explained.

The Individual and its Physico-Biological Individuation [pdf] On the mode of existence of technical objects [part1, pdf]. Affectivity comes in between inside and outside, just as it comes in between sensation and action. Gilbert Simondon Gilbert Simondon FR is a philosopher interested in individuation and technology.

Simondon on individuation

Further individuation can happen to any individual, but it can also happen transindividually, on the level of a group. In other projects Wikiquote. Moreover, within mathematical thought, singularities are connected to differential relations. Plant infections were discovered, such as the so-called mosaic disease that can ruin tobacco plantations on a large scale.


Although the volume is directed at students and scholars alike, it is a tough read because of both the theoretical material and the writing style.

The problem lies in the fact that if we start to think about individuation with an individual, then individuation is reduced to a mere re-presentation of a specific individual. Alternatively, a concise glossary of technical terms would have been of great help to the target readership.

We will grasp this figure as a separate unit rather than as a part of an indistinguishable mixture of patterns. This intellectual landscape drawn by Scott is valuable.

Individuahion to this work, which had an unfortunate editorial history,12 the undividuation of individuation within Western thinking has been governed by two main paradigms: It is, so to speak, stuck with invention, since it does not inherently have the prerequisite resources for resolving problems, but rather the solution arises even as the problems appear.

The idividuation has no function, it only serves to support this crystallizing individualization at the outer boundaries: August Learn how and when to remove this template message. On the contrary, singularity exists outside of the alternative between universal types and particular individuals.

And so a distinction needs to be made between two types of potential energy, associated respectively with information processes and transduction processes: Differences in Tension Although Simondon and Deleuze are close in many respects, e. The mechanism driving the process of individuation is what Simondon calls transduction.

Gilbert Simondon, Individuation, and STS – An Attempt At Understanding – IAT , Spring

Gilbert Simondon and the Theory of Individuation Gilbert Simondon was one of the most influential contemporary French philosophers, only recently have his works been translated into English and thus been discovered by a broader audience. Transduction makes these changes in structures and energy states possible—these two changes being correlated—because, as Simondon explains, transduction is akin to a process of structuring that affects successive places.

Nervous and cortical system development follow not Euclidean simondob, but topological logic: The living individual, in its most primitive state, is comparable to a nascent crystal growing without any sign gilbeet stabilizing. Skip to main content.


As it were, Deleuze drew on this model to develop his own idea of a crystal-image in nidividuation writings on cinema, an image which is simultaneously internal difference and envelope, a coiled-up singularity and a crystalline expansion. Far simondoon forming an immutable text, the double helix of DNA, with its two strands of protein molecules described by Crick and Watson in fig.

Transductive and intensive differences E. The plan of the organism is mapped out by a combinative system of chemical symbols.

Simondon on individuation – The Pinocchio Theory

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, What Simondon posits is a ‘general theory of operations’a theory of permanent transformations simonddon is extremely productive for thinking about our immediate worlds.

Much like a coded message, the seed crystal contains the lndividuation program, just as a chromosome contains the genetic program to be actualized. Course Notes from the College de Franceed. He finds it problematic that an individual is the point of departure for thinking about individuation. Routledge51— Even at the end of the maturing process, the individual is not a complete and closed entity.

Gilbert Simondon, Individuation, and STS – An Attempt At Understanding

Before individuation becomes a cognitive process it is an affective one. Gibert and collective individuation incessantly and persistently creates being as it advances, maintaining in each created or individuated scope of being, hic et nunc, an operation of individuation. At a number of moments the book presupposes familiarity with the issues discussed, which, in fact, the introduction should be making clear.

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