: Legends of the Jews (2-Volume Set) (): Louis Ginzberg, David M. Stern: Books. Louis Ginzberg () is acknowledged as the world’s outstanding scholar in the field of Talmudic learning. His seven-volume Legends of the Jews, from. Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive.

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The Ascension of Moses.

The Death of Adam. Josiah and His Successors.

The Legends of the Jews — Volume 1 by Louis Ginzberg

Curses Turned into Blessings. Joseph Hated by His Brethren. The Reign of Saul. The War against Israel. Wealth that Bringeth Destruction. The Feast of Purim. The Return of the Captivity. The Revelation on Mount Sinai. The War of the Kings. Joseph Meets His Brethren. The Defeat of Tinzberg.


The Youth of Samuel. The Birth of Moses.

It was only when Levi, the last legendd them, had depar Korah Abuses Moses and the Torah. Moses Rescued from the Water. Moses Excels All Pious Men.

His seven-volume Legends of the Jewsfrom which these legends were selected, was published originally by the Jewish Publication Society and translated in part by Henrietta Szold.

Ginzberg grew up in the shadow of legend: Balak, King of Moab. The Appointment of the Seventy Elders.

The Legends of the Jews — Volume 1 by Louis Ginzberg – Free Ebook

The Last Hours of Moses. Varda Books Original Publisher: The Punishment of the Fallen Angels. The Night of Tears. The Building of the Temple.

Entering the Promised Land.

The Legends of the Jews

Jacob Wrestles with the Angel. The Later Kings of Judah.

The Jewish Publication Society Published: Isaac with the Philistines. About the Book Here is a kaleidoscope of tales, a key to many of the richest literary and artistic traditions of the western world: Jacob Leaves His Father’s House.


List all A to Z. The Descendants of Cain. Moses Punished for His Stubbornness.

The Other Commandments Revealed on Sinai. The Repentance of Nineveh. Noah Leaves the Ark.

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