Arbeit ist Spiel · Versionsverwaltung · Verteilte Kontrolle · Ein dummer Aberglaube . Hopefully Git will migrate to a better hash function before further research. GitLab-Beta-Dienst. Die Universität Konstanz betreibt unter – eine zentrale GitLab-Instanz. Diese befindet sich derzeit im Beta- Betrieb. In this article, I want to give you the essentials about Git and GitHub. Afterward, I want to show you my essential commands for Git that enabled.

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And this workflow can of course be enhanced to also include authors that write in LaTeX or one of the other formats that Pandoc supports. Essentially a pull rebase has two benefits:.

For instance, you can group two Git commands in order to execute them in one command. Of course, many Git tools versiknsverwaltung be unavailable, and fixes must be submitted as patches. Branches after all are tracked remotely as well. After you have pulled all the changes, you can apply the stash again.

Versionsverwaltung (Git / GitLab)

Diffs are quick because only the marked files need be examined. That can happen more often than expected when collaborating with multiple people.

When files are staged, they can be committed. Similarly for other tools. First, the idea of gersionsverwaltung distributed version control system and the benefits of it are not clear for everyone. After all, in most cases you will more likely lookup the issue you want to solve in Git rather than a specific command.

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Using Microsoft Word with git

Afterward, I want to show you my essential commands for Git that enabled me to do web development in the recent years. You can always verify it with git status. After you have resolved all conflicts in all files usually all versinsverwaltung are shown on the command lineyou can continue the rebase:. However, you will never need all the combinations of commands and options in Git.

Some can be handled easily with scripts and versionsverwaltunh, some require reorganizing or redefining the project, and for the few remaining annoyances, one will just have to wait. Everything else can be looked up whenever complex problems arise. Sometimes, when you pull the recent changes from a remote repository or when you rebase the master on a branch, you run into conflicts.

If you have changed but uncommited files when you pull from the remote repository, you are asked to stash your changed files first. I would like to hear your thoughts: One can discover who else is working on the file by asking the central server who has marked it for editing.

Github is a popular service that facilitates this synchronization and adds some nice features on top. I like to have a tidy branch before I open it as a PR for others.

Otherwise, if you check the checkbox, you will have a ready to go remote repository which you can clone then to your local machine for having it as local repository. For me they break down to only a few essential commands that I use for web development.

You can watch and star the repositories to get updates and to show your admiration. The penalty is typically slight, and well worth having as other operations are incredibly efficient.


Even when you work on your own, you can use these feature of GitHub to keep better track of problems and changes. The issue states a problem in the project and stimulates a discussion. This requires cooperation from the programmer, who should execute particular scripts when editing a file.

kernel/git/torvalds/ – Linux kernel source tree

Now you can use it with git lg instead of git log. In order to socialize, you can follow people who start interesting projects or discussions on GitHub. Use git submodule if you still want to keep everything in a single repository. These essential commands were quite sufficient for me to come along in web development.

Using Microsoft Word with git

These files and folders are grouped into a repository. Getting Started Setting up a repository git init git clone git config git alias. The stash is a heap. Learn undoing changes with Bitbucket Cloud git status git log git reset git revert.

There are three essential commands: While this is especially annoying when this involves talking to a central server, it does have versionsverwaltugn benefits:. A branch represents an independent line of development.

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