The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Although Kyne’s tale of business smarts has been around for some time (it was first published by William Randolph Hearst in ), it doesn’t feel dated. Indeed . Publisher’s Notes. Ever since its first printing in , The Go-Getter has inspired employees and entrepreneurs to take initiative, increase their productivity, and.

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The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne

He’ll curse the day he was inspired to do that. Peck concluded, and at once proceeded to procure directories of the adjacent cities of Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda. I paid fifteen cents for it in a five, ten and fifteen cent store. But did you consult me when pdter decided to send him out to China on his own? I think he jumped to the conclusion that I was kne to trade him my empty sleeve.

I don’t care a hoot what it is, provided I can do it. I read this book because I’ve heard good things about it in a finance podcast.

The Go-Getter (a Story That Tells You How to Be One)

One can read a sentence from the book and remember it for the rest of the day. We’ll send Andrews out on the next boat, but inform him that his position is temporary. Of the nineteen, four did not answer, three were temporarily disconnected, six replied in Yiddish, five were not the B. This book doesn’t really tell you “HOW,” to be a go getter but it does give one all of the steps to prepare for the journey ahead.


It’s the fact that in my old age I find myself totally surrounded by the choicest aggregation of mental duds since Ajax defied the lightning. The title of the book indeed already gives the reader an idea what they may expect the storyline may be about.

I’d recommend this booklet to anyone who suffers from excess Skinner’s graciousness, that you have put in a kind word for me with him, and I want to thank you–” “Tut, tut. Bill Peck, I’m due to be mercifully chloroformed.

Skinner,” he announced, “this is all that is mortal of Bill Peck speaking. And as he observed, illness did not stop Peck from pursuing his goal to land a job with Ricks’s company. I read it since it’s on Dave Ramsey’s team’s must-read list and I was not disappointed.

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This story will have you thinking about it in the future. Skinner gether forced to wire him for mercy and instruct him to devote his talent to the disposal of cedar shingles and siding, Douglas fir and redwood.

I actually gave the book to one who really needs this information we’ll see if they are similarly impressed.

There are actually many lessons to be learned in this little book. When I began reading it, I’ll be honest, it was kind of unfriendly to me because I’m not a native English speaker, and many of the words they use in the conversations between characters use a lot of old local words. I’ll attend to the other details.

Short book – can easily be tetter in one sitting – but powerfully inspirational. Kek’s story he, the said Herman Joost, would be at the store sometime before nine o’clock, and if Mr. This fictional story of a World War II amputee and his crafty but well meaning albeit unbiased and impartial employer “Cappy” Rick not only warms the deepest cockles of every heart but also serves as a beacon of inspiration.


He was a war veteran and amputee who will not be refused what he wants.

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne – Free Ebook

What are you doing this afternoon? When given an assignment, you should give it your all and do the best you can without excuses. By actual count there were nineteen B.

Peck sat down on a fire hydrant and cursed with rage. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Quick read with valuable lessons, straightforward characters, and funny situations. He was still without results when he moved one block further west and one further south and discovered the blue vase in a huge plate-glass window of a shop on Geary Street near Grant Avenue.

My favorite quote is, ” I was known as Peck’s Bad Boy. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You’re known so much better than I, and it’s Sunday night–” “And it’s a fine way to keep holy the Sabbath day,” Matt Peasley retorted and hung up.

Why kynne you come to me? Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. I admit you two boys are running my affairs and ordinarily you run them rather well, but–but–ahem!

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