Already have a Goalrilla goal but can’t seem to locate your owner’s manual? Not to worry! Here at you’ll find manuals for all current. 2. Vertical main post assembly is a two part process. ANCHOR SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Day 1). Before digging the hole for this pole, check. Looking to install your Goalrilla basketball system or hoop? Check out our easy to follow installation guides & installation videos to suit your portable basketball.

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The waiver covers only underground objects located within your property such as security fences. But before we do that, we will need you to provide us with the plan goalripla your home and your preferred installation spots two.

It is at this phase that our technician will set up the unit.

For this reason, we offer free maintenance service on your installed basketball hoop. Good enough, we will be glad to help disassemble your basketball hoop and reinstall it in your new location provided you are relocation within Maryland area, Washington DC, Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. The law demands public utilities be marked by state authorities.

Basketball Goal Installer Directory

But if we were the ones that did the previous installation, then there will be no need for marking provided we are installing a new hoop of exact size as the former.


Diggings can only be made 36 inches away from the marking. All things being equal, scheduling is done inwtallation on the date of your purchase.

Welded, wide-span board arms Mitered and welded for superior strength Increased support to backboard 4. We advise you read between the lines of your waiver before penning down your signature. Can you explain what you mean by in-ground basketball goal installation.

Will imstallation have to make new markings when installing new in-ground basketball hoop? Installation will be canceled if daytime temperature falls below freezing point or if it rained 4 hours before the concrete pour. It takes between 90 and minutes to dig a normal hole. If after reading the waiver to me and I understand, will you help me check it again?

It is important that nobody comes instsllation to the installed equipment right after digging. We want you to be present to witness your basketball goal installation because it is a semi-permanent structure. This is why you need our help because we will save you lots of time and energy. You will need about 2 wheel barrows to carry away excavated dirt. Make your request at www. We are schedule-friendly and no-pressure.

Most States do not permit holes to be dug beyond 3 feet of utility marking. Also ensure nobody comes close to the anchor kit or pole after performing the first phase of the basketball unit installation.


After finding the in-ground basketball hoop you would like to install, simply ring us up and we will deliver it to your home after picking it up from the store using our own truck. Just like every other equipment, basketball hoop needs goallrilla form of maintenance.

We will only do this if it is of similar model.

Basketball Goal Installer Directory

If there is an existing in-ground unit, it is your duty as a homeowner to get it removed before we make our first visit. Pre-assembled pro-style flex rim UV and corrosion resistant Net included 5.

What will happen to the dirt? Please note that weather condition can cause us to change our service dates. What weather condition is installatoin for the installation of my hoop? However, maintenance will only be performed when the need arises. What will the first phase consist of? Be sure to check out installatkon products in our showroom Louisville Store Lexington Store.

You will be held responsible should any underground utility be damaged during digging. What does it take to be a Goalrilla?

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