Kameron Hurley’s God’s War arrives into this melee like a live grenade, lobbed with abandon and not a little mischief. It is a book in which the. God’s War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Volume 1 [Kameron Hurley] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer. I didn’t have to wait very long for the—as the guidelines for the That Was Awesome series phrase it—“small and/or crystallizing.

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I love this for being different, for being new, for never taking me where I expected. Jan godswaar, Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: That’s precisely the sort of book, of course, which Hurley seeks, with some justification, to put out of joint.

Then I realized at some point last year, I downloaded it on my Nook app, probably free or some sale. Male or female; everyone has mixed motives; varied upbringings and ethics—or lack thereof—drive them towards their decisions.

I can forgive that, because the world of the book is so original and well-imagined, and because I liked the characters that live in it. Apr 12, Ian rated it liked it Shelves: God’s War from Kameron Hurley is very much in this tradition albeit in a novel that ignores genre tradition with impunity.

The writing is just fine, and the characterization and world-building are excellent.

Before we’re entirely comfortable, those strands are cut short when a team with whom Nyx clearly has a past track her down and imprison her for “gene piracy,” whilst Rhys undergoes some considerable months of travel and degradation in a single, short chapter. And I fell in love.


REVIEW: Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley

The author was trying really hard to figure it out, how do this, without falling into what we all know and expect in terms of gender s. It is not for those who are squeamish about bugs, violence or if same-sex sexual relationships bother you. Mar 06, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. The setting is in a desert like location reminscent of the middle east, but it appears to be a planet settled centuries ago. These questions of “rightness” are central to the book. Well, a tie really with Kate Daniels, but in any case Nyx is just great.

This is, of course, a conspicuously deliberate inversion of the usual gender relations in a thriller of this bodswar. Dialogue is gritty and edgy.

I’ll keep that in mind, and keep an eye out for more information about what it looks l Orson Scott Card talks a lot in his How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy about exposition, and about how science fiction and fantasy readers react to it with different expectations than non-genre readers. Though you may finish the novel disliking her, Nyx is a real character.

God’s War : Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1

Umayma, the planet on which this all takes place, is an anathema to human life as the war itself. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. She has, huurley a word I am sure Hurley wills us to employ, balls. Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner December 29, I had to put the book down for a few seconds to fully absorb it. Other books in the series. Jan 02, Robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: We publish fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, and art.

Saying it was all just God’s plan gave you neat answers for everything” p. Grimwood’s excellent Arabesk series Pashazade, Effendi and Felaheen has a similar Middle Eastern godswat feel and pacing. I don’t like feeling “phew” when I finish a book, and that’s where this one left me. The Setting — the world building here is impressive. Orson Scott Card talks a lot in his How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy about exposition, and about how science fiction and fantasy readers react to it with different expectations than non-genre readers.


In that sense this is not a book for the squeamish.

God’s War : Kameron Hurley :

This is a mess of a world. Try not to root for Nyx as she blasts away innocents who happen to be in the way of the next payoff.

Women have been doing gritty a long time, in every damned form there is. View all 15 comments. I will say that I don’t qualify it as an “urban fantasy” as I generally count urban fantasy as being ‘fantasy occurring in modern day earth’, which this story is not.

Even desert war in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

It would be too obvious to call this gritty, so I’ll go the extra mile and explain that I kept asking questions of the world hurleg like okay, seriously, you’ve been massacring your populations for a hundred years at the front, and yet both societies are still built around sending bodies out to fight?

What makes God’s War such an accomplishment has little to do with its plot.

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