Gomukhasana is one of the most common yogic pose practiced by the people all over the world. The name gomukhasana is derived from the. In Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), the name comes from the Sanskrit words Gow meaning Cow and Mukha meaning Face or Mouth. The word Go also means. Get more information about the Gomukhasana that is known for various health benefits at Find complete details about Gomukhasana .

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Very generous of you to share with your friends. Steps to practice Gomukhasana Cow Face Pose. Interlock the fingers and pull the chest gomuhasana and the shoulder blades closer expanding the spine upwards.

This mudra is a pwerful devotiona The longer you can stay in this pose the easier will be for the practice of Gomukhasana. Helps in easing stiff shoulders as well as various backaches and pains. The health benefits of Gomukhasana which one can experience gradually with regular practice are as follows: The chest muscles become well developed if Gomukhasana is practiced regularly.

Make sure both knees are one above the other or if possible interlocked deeper trying to balance the body well. Then once comfortable clasp the left palm and hold on together feeling the stretch at the shoulders and the elbows.

Gomukhasana Yoga (Cow Face Pose)- How To Do And Benefits

Below are common titles of Gomukhasana:. This relieves you from the pain. How to Go About It Take a seat on the ground and keep your legs extended towards your benetits.

As you do that, hold this carriage for around 30 seconds. The below cues and yoga sequences added by yoga teachers show multiple ways to do Gomukhasana depending on the focus of your yoga sequence and the ability of your students.

Any kind of neck and shoulder injury. Gomukhasana commonly known as Cow Face Pose in English is a seated pose.

Using of a block placed below and seated on it will help in bringing the knees close to the floor thus giving room for the overlapping of the thighs gomkkhasana. He gomukhasana yoga helps a lot if controlling stress and fatigue as already mentioned in the first point and so the both work hand in hand.

Given some benefits below but for which a lot of practice is required. Practicing Samputa Mudra detoxes our bodies and provides emotional balance and stress reduction. It is however very true that there are a lot of muscles in the body which do not work much and in turn we also do not like making them work. This pose increases blood supply to the legs and arms, making it gomukasana useful pose to counteract long periods of sitting in a chair or being hunched over a desk.


In seated, cross right knee over left. Baddha Konasana Bound Angle Pose: Here we mention step by step instructions for Gomukhasana yoga along with benefits ans tips for beginners.

Then bend the legs at the knee and bring the feet close to your shoulders. The benefis leg should be folded and placed on top of your left thigh. The gomukhasana steps are very useful as said a number of gomukhasanz for the movement of the joints and useless muscles so there is no chemical formed at all.

Since the body is placed with legs at the thighs interlocked, the muscles at the quadriceps get flexible and the stretch is felt deep in the hips as these joints are put to work to get the thighs interlocked well. Completely avoid this pose when pregnant, as the crossing of the legs at the thighs may bring pressure to the lower abdomen which may not be safe.

Please click on the link below to listen to Sanskrit pronunciation of Gomukhasana: For more stretch one could go forward with the upper body and reach for the bsnefits with the face. Many yoga poses have multiple titles because of differences in their Sanskrit to English title translation or a specific title becoming bejefits because of it’s common usage amongst yoga teachers and yoga practitioners. It is mainly because when you are performing this posture what happens is the core muscles of the body get stretched and you beneffits a lot of calmness though it might not feel so.

Remain in this pose gkmukhasana a few breaths and then release the arms and stretch the leg out in front of you and relax. Begin the practice with just one leg folded and one elbow folded and after repeated practice go with the full pose. Any kind of hip problems or injury go,ukhasana the knee, hamstring, and quadricep should be avoided.

These variations will help to further open the hips and the arms. Your email address will not be published. The opening of the outer thighs and the inner thighs play a great role in the practice of Gomukhasana, hence it is a must to practice Bound Angle Pose.


The precautions for Gomukhasana to be kept in mind for a safer practice are given below: With every gomukasana stretch deeper into the pose and loosen the body with inhalation. Even for a diabetic patient it is very important to keep down the stress levels in order to simply control the sugar level in the body. Bring left knee over top of right knee, with sit bones centered between feet, knees stacked one on the other.

This yoga pose with the forward stretch of the entire upper body will bring the muscles to relax completely. Gomukhasana is both a hip opener and a heart opener, so both will help in bringing balance in the body and bring the maximum benefit to the spine keeping it fit. The raising of the entire body upwards to get the arms or fingers interlocked behind works with the expansion of the lower abdominal muscles thus making the abdominal organs function well.

In this case the whole body gets a stretch along with the less useful muscles. Safety Measures While managing to bring the hands together is an important part of this asana, gomukhaana not to overdo it on your first go.

Gomukhasana – Gomukhasana Yoga, Steps and Benefits of Gomukhasana

Extend left arm facing hand behind, bend elbow to bring arm behind back and in toward spine. Once the grip is obtained, pull the palms closer and bring the chest out raising the upper body upwards and make sure the neck does not bend forward goumkhasana remains in line with the shoulders and chest.

Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life. If you have sciatica, then crossing the knee may not gomykhasana good as there will be pressure at the sciatic nerve. Your right arm should be bent above your head and taken over your right shoulder, and placed at the back too. Discover more cues, teaching ideas, and how to do steps at How to Do Gomukhasana.

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