REBEL GROT MOB + BUGGY ROSTERS . Gorkamorka knows ‘ow, but da Diggas live under da Pyramids. .. blank roster sheets in the Gorkamorka box. A GorkaMorka roster sheet for gangers and vehicles in an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total gang cost. A good roster sheet but doesn’t fit on A4 paper if printed. Reply from IBBoard: Being ‘intelligent’, the roster was originally designed to be used on a computer and.

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I used some old plastic Warhammer goblins and added the rster pistol and some stikk bombs the very old small grenades off the first plastic orks from long before Gorkamorka.

Those who were smart enough to notice, were smart enough to keep their mouths shut and by extension, their teef in them.

This supplement was written for use in the Ammoriss Campaign for the Ammobunker web sheeh. The Gorka and Morka rosters were also created by me, from scratch, and have been individualised to allow you to have a themed roster sheet with a watermarked background appropriate for your gang.

As always, any comments can go in the comments below. Da Orksbut had been explored gorkamkrka much more depth in these later books. The squig will be under the riderz control again after the combat resolves. Snortas can charge and gallop in exactly the same way as muties, but since Boarz are considerably less co-operative than Mutie Beasts, Snortas cannot usually fire on the gallop, or set Overwatch. Previously fire and burnination was limited to scorchers and the odd splattapult payload but we here at tUGS felt that something as delightfully destructive as fire should appear more often.


Gorkamoorka is shset open beta test, which means that these rules are not finalised and some things may be changed before the final release. So, you want to create a mob of Dust Rats?

Squigz cannot climb fort walls, and therefore will need to destroy the gate of the fort to get in. Flamekebab has been scribbling away at some simple but effective rules for Freebooter Snazzguns. The artwork above was created by Clayton Tait. Written by Neal Plews and drawing on lots of the old background to the Orks, Freebootaz are quite different from Gorkers or Morkers. The Klan system rosterr originally been introduced in Waaagh! He also starts with a significantly higher level of base experience in order to limit his opportunities to acquire further skills and stat ogrkamorka.

Snortas take Serious inuries as normal, and may visit the Docs as normal. Wabdash faceplants once again and the kabin boy, the now redundant harpoon gunner, gets minced between the two vehicles, putting himself out of action. If he fails, the Boar runs Amok, but the Scrap is still collected.

Thousands died shedt their cells forgot how to take in oxygen or to send impulses to keep their hearts beating.

Any models within 6″ of such a warrior that are affected by animosity are overcome with jealousy and will charge over to them, spending the rest of the turn squabbling. During buzinezz times, Abak is accompanied by his two boyz who will shake down other Orks who default on their payments and eoster custom Snazzgun is never far from his reach. A Wild Squig moves D6″ in a random direction determined by scatter dice at the start of the movement phase, Due to the delicate means needed to regain control through beating, yelling and biting, the Ork is too busy to engage in ranged combat until he regains control of his squig.


Squigz are wild, dangerous goekamorka at the best of times, utterly unmanageable. Recently, some of them have been fitted with ballistae and other weapons to be carried into battle to help even the odds against the much shootier but runtier Orks of Mektown Or Da Shiny Camp as the Feral Orks think of it. One thing I hear a lot is that the Necrons appear in Gorkamorka.

HWT » Downloads » Download Details » “Intelligent” GorkaMorka Roster v (Powered by Grots)

Written by Josh Wardle and found in Gubbinz 1 this scenario apparently managed to escape being published so far. Wild Squigz never willingly attack vehicles and stop 1″ short of a vehicle if wild movement would bring them into contact with it.

While gorkamoeka, traks and buggies rely on their crew to inflict most of the damage, Feral Orks struggle to keep the Squiggoths from causing too much.

The reason for that is that except for a few minor things the game mechanics themselves are identical — for now. All Weirdboyz carry a Weirdboy Staff which they can use in combat and is factored into their cost.

Updating Mob Roster…

Riderz must stop for a turn to pick up Scrap just like Muties, they suffer no movement penalty for carrying it and may only carry one counter.

As stated previously, Fickies do not gain skills. All members of a Snorta Mob ride ferocious War Gorkamrka.

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