The Glatt’s R&D model, GPCG , for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, has been introduced in India. GPCG PRO / PLUS. WST/G PRO / PLUS. Fluid bed systems. We set the standard. GPCG PRO. WSG PLUS. GPCG PLUS. WSG PRO. GRANULATING. COATING. GPCG 1. inch Wurster. 6 inch Wurster. 2 liter Granulator/Dryer/Coater. mm Rotor. 50 – g. – g. – g. – g. GPCG

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That space defines the arranges of each CPP, taking into account multivariate interactions.

Meurice Research and Development a.s.b.l.

There are some scientific theoretical factors involved in scale up activity. Comparison between predicted and experimentally observed values for process variables Responses Predicted Observed Fines Y 1 0.

Neha Chavan is a Formulation Scientist for Glatt Air Techniques, Pharmaceutical Services Division and has been a vpcg speaker and presenter at pharmaceutical conferences.

Using FMEA, the modes of failure can be prioritized for risk management purposes according to the seriousness of their consequences effectsit can also be used to predict how frequently they occur and how easily they can be detected [26]. Comparatively in other trials percentage of agglomerates formation was considerably less.

It is not difficult to imagine the example of an extreme shift of a process parameter having a minor impact on a CQA, whether measurable or not [1]. Here attempt to help the industry to tpcg scale up activity in linear as the demand of regulatory authority to prove extrapolation of design space in commercial scale or in post-approval changes stage. Gpcy J Pharm ; The SEM images of enteric coated pellets presented in fig.

The FMEA is the best risk management tool can used for Wurster based pellet coating process to categories vpcg risk of process variables. The range of independent variables under study is shown in table 2 along with their low, medium, and high levels, which were selected based on the results from preliminary experimentation.


Successful scale-up batches Linear scale-up from lab scale to pilot scale assumed that the occupancy was the same and the distribution plate in each piece fpcg equipment is geometrically similar.

As shown in table 6 predicted and experimentally determined values for Y 11.1 2 and Y 3 were comparable. Failure mode and effect analysis: The results were reproduced during scale up and found 0. From RPN, a critical summary can be drawn up to highlight the areas where the action is mostly needed [20]. The variables come under each set provided in fig.

In scale up of pellets, physical and chemical parameters reproduced based on process ran as gpc scale up factor calculation.

Therefore, the base area of Wurster column plays important role in efficient coating. Nevertheless, once the effect of variables are studied and understood in lab model, it will make the analysis much easier. Fluidized bed coating and gpcgg Response surface gpch interpretation The results indicated that the fines Y 1 generation was significantly influenced by the linear models of spray rate X 2atomization air pressure X 3 and in small percentage of air volume X 1in addition to the interactive model of the quantity of spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3.

Process parameters for enteric coating of preliminary trials.

After prediction by software, the trial was taken with set of process variables suggested by model and characterized. The pareto chart was plotted of process variables vs RPN. Small change in decimal results made big error. Trials were performed to understand behavior of process parameters on pellets quality. CPP selection has traditionally been difficult because of a lack of a systematic approach to the problem which due to a large number of unit operations and complexity. Failure tpcg identify critical parameters can result in unexplainable variation during batch processing and lot acceptance [5].

The RPN must be calculated for each cause of failure. The agglomerates Y 2 formation was equally influenced by the linear models of spray rate X 2atomization air pressure X 3 and spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3. Pgcg is a Coordinator and an active contributor on various pgcg within American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.


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The response Y i in each trial was measured by carrying out a multiple factorial regression analysis using the quadratic model:. Combined population balance and thermodynamic ypcg of the batch top-spray fluidized bed coating process.

Air volume below 45 cfm, pellets bpcg fluidize properly and above 70 cfm pellets gpg on the filter wall and less time spend in Wurster column. Therefore, variables ranked based on RPN value. Her area of interest is developing novel pelletization techniques and coating applications for modified release of the pharmaceutical drug products for oral drug delivery. Pharmaceutical development Q8 R2Current Step 4 version; Pellets from all five formulation trials were found to be granular with distinct surface morphology.

Additionally, ratios of air volume to plate area and spray rate to air volume maintained. When X 2 at low level and X 3 at high level, spray drying increased hence fines increased while X 2 at a high level and X 3 at a low level, agglomeration increased.

Failure mode scores could range from 1 to [21]. The RPN threshold below 60 ranked low risk, ranked medium risk and above 80 ranked high-risk process variables. Christensen FN, Bertelson P.

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The recommended pilot model is 18″ Wurster where the Wurster column and base plate are much larger. Overlay plot to EC process comprised of the overlap region of ranges for the three CQAs-a 46 cfm of air volume, b 58 cfm of air volume, c 70 cfm of air volume and d design space.

CFM value was scaled up.

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