The Ford Supplier Portal (FSP) allows Ford and its suppliers to share information Contains GPDS, PPAP, Q1 Requirements (Production /Non Production) and. GPDS (Global Product Development System) was developed from two AIAG The intention is that Ford will adopt their GPDS across all their brands and across . The Ford Flex was the first product to utilize the company’s new digital tools and to implement Ford’s new Global Product Development System (GPDS) and.

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The Studio Design Theme alternatives are evaluated against program assumptions and attribute strategies.

Tough and Efficient

Studio Design Theme alternatives are assessed to attribute target ranges. Lean, standardized manufacturing process-led approach?

All manufacturing long- lead funding if required is requested at this time. Engaged cross-functional, technical people?

Global Product Development System Defines Ford

Preliminary upper body geometry is available for program team evaluation. This task is the responsibility of a small cross-functional team taking into account customer, business, technical and manufacturing perspectives.


AA1 marks the beginning of surface release. Conduct the attribute characterization of the M-1 Drive Vehicle. Success criteria are described in FAP At FC0, only a small team of designers and engineers are working on the project to establish a set of high level program assumptions.

Exterior and interior math surface data reflecting Design intent is provided to the program team. FC5 represents the end of Design led change.

All data previously stated is required to proceed to PP. MP1 Build Review Meeting, in which the following should occur: All data previously stated is required to proceed to MP2. DPA ensures vehicle compatibility and design completeness.

The meeting should be held around the product with a fpds up discussion of the measurables from the Okay-toBuy scorecard. Reuse parts and knowledge? The goal is to complete supplier testing by M-1 MRD.

Ch1 Embedded System Ov Approval is obtained at the Launch Sign-Off Meeting, in which the following should occur: Preliminary Engineering Completion is an engineering gateway where Senior Engineering Management assesses the status of Program versus attribute and financial objectives. Final cutting of tools may start at the completion of M1DJ not before. At FC2, the three Studio Design alternatives are matured along with the program assumptions. Releases are phased depending on part ranking.

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GPDS Overview Taining_图文_百度文库

M-1 vehicles are used to verify key specifications in the Under Body area. Digital Pre Assembly activity continues. On an exception basis for agreed? Identify and select the M-1 Drive Vehicle.

Cost checkpoint to collect supplier data has been added for version 2.

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