The Second Concerning the Son. I. Since I have by the power of the Spirit sufficiently overthrown the subtleties and intricacies of the arguments, and already. The Fifth Theological Oration. On the Holy Spirit. I. Such then is the account of the Son, and in this manner He has escaped those who would stone Him, passing. Oration 1 · Oration 2 · Oration 3 · Oration 7 · Oration 8 · Oration 12 · Oration 16 · Oration 18 · Oration 21 · Oration 27 First Theological Oration Oration 28 Second.

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But if He is God, then He is neither a creature, nor a thing made, nor a fellow servant, nor any of these lowly appellations. What then is Procession? He is baptized; the Spirit bears witness. By this time Emperor Julian had publicly declared himself in opposition to Christianity. And with us Humanity is one, namely the entire race; but yet they have many gods, not One, just as there are many men. Having spent many years in study and contemplation of the divine mysteries, St Gregory believes that he is appropriately qualified.

Emperor Valens died in Affairs in Constantinople remained confused as Gregory’s position was still unofficial and Arian priests occupied many important churches.

For if I were to speak of God and Mammon, as two masters, reckoned under one head, when they are so very different from each other, I should probably be still more laughed at for such a connumeration.

He ov two epochal events in human history that he likened to earthquakes.

Gregory of Nazianzus – Wikipedia

Discussion of theology is not for everyone, I tell you, not for everyone—it is no such inexpensive or effortless pursuit. This is what we achieve by fighting for the Word with greater violence than is pleasing to the Word. The gift of salvation and faith is the common property of all believers, but only some are summoned to the vocation of theologian. And if He is an Activity, He will be effected, but will not effect and will cease to exist as soon as He has been effected, for this is the nature of an Activity.

If ever oratinos was a time when the Son was not, then there was a time when the Spirit was not. But we cannot enter into any discussion with those who do not even believe in His existence, nor with the Greek babblers for we would not be enriched in our argument with the oil of sinners. Views Read Edit View history. What great things are there in the idea of God which are not in His power? Every attempt to explain this in terms of creaturely reality is bound to fail.


Whenever we are free from the mire and noise without, and our commanding faculty is not confused by illusory, wandering images, leading us, as it were, to mix fine script with ugly scrawling, or sweet-smelling scent with slime. Hoping to reconcile the West with the East, he offered to recognize Paulinus as Patriarch of Antioch.

He created Me, it so says, as the beginning of His ways, with a view to his works. Basil the Great and St. He is so either by the Father or by the Son.

For as we assert that it oeations impossible for God to be evil, or not to exist-for this would be indicative of weakness in God rather than of strength-or for the non-existent to exist, or for two and gregort to make both four and ten, so it is impossible and inconceivable that the Son should do anything that the Father does not.

CHURCH FATHERS: Fifth Theological Oration (Oration 31) (Gregory Nazianzen)

In the spring of theplogical convened the Second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople, which was attended by Eastern bishops. For in these there is no distinction in time, nor are they torn away from their connection with orationns other, though they seem to be parted by three personalities. He described the doctrine of Trinity in terms of this light: How can the unbegotten be the same as the begotten?

Nor, I would add, is it for every occasion, or every audience; neither are all its aspects open to inquiry. The Son is tjeological begotten, and the Holy Ghost is the emission. But I was afraid in the first place that I should present a flow in the Godhead, incapable of standing still; and secondly that by this figure a numerical unity would be introduced. The sentence The world cannot hate you, comes under the same head, as does also How can ye, being evil, speak good things? Theoogical since the Father knows, therefore also does the Son, as it is evident that this cannot be known or comprehended by any but the First Nature.


He is Son of Man, both on account of Adam, and of the Virgin from Whom He came; theplogical the one as a forefather, from the other as His Mother, both in accordance with the law of generation, and apart from it.

St. Gregory the Theologian – Theological Orations

And this is the cause of the error of the Heretics, namely the joining of these two Names, which are interchanged because of the Union of the Natures. Or rather, what Godhead can there be if It is not perfect? Of all these things the Word was given once, but the Action is continuous even now. Through Augustine, the idea would develop in the West into “double-procession,” resulting in the Filioque clause and the split between Eastern and Western Christianity.

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It is a hymn of wonder at the miracle of life, the variety of life, the natural knowledge of irrational creatures, continued the plants, the sea, the theoogical, heavenly bodies, the sun and the moon, and even “the intellectual and celestial creation,” that is, angelic beings. This is what our civil war leads to.

For if the Light shining through the veil upon the darkness, that is upon this life, was persecuted by the other darkness I mean, the Evil One and the Tempterhow much more will the darkness be persecuted, as being weaker than it? Mere syllogistic skill is insufficient. These two names are joined by Christ because of the union of two natures in Christ. But for my part, even if labor should be necessary, I will not abandon the Object of my adoration.

Seize me and throw me He proceeded to reduce the oratkons from connumeration ad absurdum. Knowledge and Community in Late Antique Constantinople.

Petro Mohyla On the Orthodox Faith.

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