In lieu of that however, Haynes told him that he had been given his Release; that he was an Unattached Lensman–a “Gray” Lensman. Library Journal These are the four remaining volumes in Doc Smith’s famous ” Lensman” series (Classic Returns, LJ 4/1/98). A finalist for a special Hugo Award . Grey Lensman, EE ‘Doc’ Smith, Panther, London Hardware: Kevin’s print – with sketch of the Eich walking across their home planet.

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Played with in Masters of the Vortex.

How Do I Shot Web? Keep your detectors full out and keep your noses clean–be ready, like the good little Endeavorers you are, ‘to do with your might what your hands find to do.

Phillips dubbed so in self-defense, so they didn’t have to lennsman his real name, and more. I have to get used to it gradually. We’ve got to fight our own battles and bury our own dead. No Conservation of Energy: Pursuant to his plan, Kinnison again visited Trenco, where the Patrol forces extracted for him fifty kilograms of thionite, the noxious drug which, in microgram inhalations, grwy the addict experience all the sensations of doing whatever it is that he wishes most ardently to do.

Kim Kinnison is now an unattached Grey Lensman, uniformed in the lens,an drab grey that, paradoxically, lensmqn to the rest of The Patrol and seemingly the entire galaxy to be the sexiest outfit known to sentient life. The Eddorians, on the other hand, were interlopers–intruders. The Arisians’ “Visualization of the Cosmic All”, which effectively gives them precognition from sufficiently analyzing a person or object.

In Masters of the Vortexa loose atomic vortex can be destroyed with high explosives if you can match the characteristics of the charge to the activity of the vortex at the time of detonation.

Grey Lensman by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith – Books – Hachette Australia

But Arisia again came to the rescue. It only goes up from there. It is also a telepathic communicator of astounding power and range–and other things.

Roderick “Rod the Rock” Kinnison ran for President of North America against the incumbent Witherspoon; and, after a knock-down-and-drag-out political battle with Senator Morgan, the voice of the Morgan-Towne-Isaacson machine, he was elected.

You’ve successfully reported this review. Kinnison poses as both a high society man and as an asteroid p The grdy tale of Boskone and Kimball Kinnison. But where is this stronghold? We got back, because of you, and only you. For that reason alone, I actually kind of like these old space operas, which bring me happy memories of my past.


This story DOES advance the narrative though and wasn’t horrible, just seemed fair to list it’s flaws for balance. After the Bergenholm drive was created. Takes place at a species level. Superbly powered, for flight, defense, lenzman offense, she was withal a complete space-laboratory and observatory; and her personnel, over and above her regular crew, was geey varied as her equipment.

Neither do we know anything about time or space. Then, with the advent of inter-planetary flight, he was instrumental in forming the Interplanetary League.

This being the origin of the Lensman Arms Racethey have to find a way to beat that. Set the last nine to be thrown out about half a detet–as far as you can read them accurately to one decimal–centering on the same line. Take Up My Sword: It is our only chance of survival. These are not great science fiction novels compared to some of the masters of the genre today, but they are where sci-fi got its start and are interesting to me for that reason. Much is made of the uniform of a Gray Lensman being plain, utilitarian, drab, and, well, gray, but it’s only mentioned in passing that it’s a gray leather uniform.

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No one in the Universe except yourself really knows what you are doing, and I’m pretty sure that only two others even suspect. Costigan also has a talent for figuring out the details of how to operate, repair, and modify both alien technologies and alien social interactions with a brief observation. Continue lensmab Checkout Continue shopping. The Lens is a lenticular structure of hundreds of thousands of tiny crystalloids, built and tuned to match the individual life force–the ego, the personality–of one individual entity.

The anomaly is ,ensman lampshaded in the film. One of the first signs that Helmuth is not your run-of-the-mill pulp villain is the fact that he refuses to take Kinnison’s apparent lenzman at face value and explicitly commands his underlings to look for the body to verify. Atlantis fell, but the red-headed, yellow-eyed child of Captain Phryges had been sent to North Maya, lenwman lived.

They attacked instantly and viciously; within a second after the lookout had shouted his warning the outer screens of the Patrol ship were blazing incandescent under the furious assaults of a dozen Boskonian beams.



For hour after hour it continued, the cordon ever tightening as the victims’ power lessened. Insulation burst into flame, fairly exploding in its haste to disintegrate; copper and silver ran in brilliant streams or puffed away in clouds of sparkling vapor: He thinks that you may begin wobbling on the beam lensmaj soon unless you put out a few braking jots.

I’m certainly old enough to have sat amazed through all the Star Wars at the inception. What business had he, a sub-electronic midge from an ultra-microscopic planet, venturing out into macro-cosmic space, a demesne comprehensible only to the omniscient and omnipotent Creator? He wouldn’t go near any planet she was on, and if he saw her out in space he’d go somewhere else at a hundred parsecs an hour.

Simultaneously with that, the entire planetary law enforcement resources who’ve been tailing and following his capture to the headquarters in various hypercompetent cloaked ways open up with artillery and precision sniping, instantly destroying the buildings and killing everyone in it.

Some are actually genuinely good people grdy will fight fanatically against the forces of Civilization to their last breath lesnman Because the very effective Boskonian propaganda machine has convinced them that Civilization is an evil empire out to enslave and exterminate their people. Herkimer Herkimer III wants Virgilia Samms to tell him the secret of the Lens, and there are no lengths he won’t go to in order to make her talk. The little article in question talked about how the Lensman story arc, sure, like how epic this story is, how amazingly encompassing.

The ship he rode was of the Patrol’s best. But it was ghastly, too–it gave me the shrieking jitters and just about sent me down out of control.

It was van der Schleiss, I believe, who found it. For one thing, they’re incredible telepaths.

Kinnison decides that since the Patrol is not yet strong enough to attack the Second Galaxy militarily, he will follow leads to the upper gdey of Boskone through the traffic in the illegal drug thionite.

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