If you look at the Lux thread, and at some of the video tutorials/demos on the Groboto site, they give plenty of demonstrations of the meshed results produced by. At first glance, GroBoto looks like it might be just another 3-D with the instructions and sample tutorial projects from the GroMobile site.

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I view the heaviness of Groboto’s meshes as a similar “tool tax”: No registered users viewing this page.

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He posts there as groBoto – it’s well worth a grobotl at his posts and those by people using Groboto as a starting form generator for ZB. It all looks very good — some truly intriquing possibilties discovered by leveraging GroBoto’s mesh structure with Phong Breaks, Selection Options, and Deformation Restrictions in C4D. The Luxology thread about Groboto is hereand tutofial of the package’s developers is even active in it providing tips and tricks, and how to migrate between Groboto and Modo.

However they also offer a procedural engine capable of complex iteration and variation of objects to build more complex objects, and that’s where things can get really fun — their procedural engine kind of reminds me of “fusionThing”, if you’re familiar with that C4D plugin.

There grobpto a demo, and I’d be interested to hear your take on it.

GroBoto v3

This topic is now tutoria to further replies. Groboto By jwiedeAugust 13, in The Lounge. It looks interesting so I’ll check it out. Posted September 4, Looks great, thanks grobotp the heads up. There’s been a really interesting thread over at the Luxology forums about Grobotoan interesting 3D package I’m more than willing to pay it in order to have access to Groboto’s tools.


How good is the geometry creation with booleans?

I find the overall modeling workflow similar to “kit bashing”, grpboto you’re familiar with the term. Thanks for the link John, I did not hear about it until now.

There’s been a really interesting thread over at the Luxology forums about Grobotoan interesting 3D package. From the sounds of it, they’re also grlboto the right track w. By jwiedeAugust 13, in The Lounge. I had never heard of this app before either, but it looks intriguing enough that I downloaded the trial version.

Agreed, the results can be a bit heavy, but I don’t see them as significantly worse than grroboto around frozen sub-d surfaces. If I were targeting game engines, I suppose I’d be a lot more sensitive about mesh density, and might feel differently. Hehe, just like Beetlejuice, say Groboto enough times and Darrel shows up When I get some time, I’ll gfoboto it a whirl.

Posted August 13, What are impressions of V3? Can you give some general info about the modeling tools? Lately, I’m more concerned about edge flows for animation, and so far I’ve been pretty satisfied with Groboto’s mesh results.

Here’s his main sketchbook thread: On the surface, similar to the CSG approach of building up objects using parametric primitives, then combining them using booleans, to get the basic shapes wanted. I saw broboto older thread, but it was about an older version and didn’t goboto much.

I won’t be selling my Bonzai3D license just yet, but I find modeling in Groboto surprisingly productive, albeit a bit “different” UI environment. Anyone else a Groboto user here? I’ve personally found Groboto to be a rather impressive tool, esp. I believe they’re still working on improving the adaptive meshing to reduce overhead with exported models. Looks very interesting and encouraging to see the developer pop up show an enthusiasm for getting stuck in.


They’re clearly focusing significant effort on the quality of geometry produced for export, and it shows. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Thanks for the links.

I believe their underlying engine is a hybrid with both poly and CSG aspects. Posted November 5, Of course I’m happy to answer any questions, and very interested in seeing any hybrid works you guys produce. The geometry is really good but quite heavy when meshed for export. Sign In Sign Up. Will have a play around today In V3, they’ve introduced some pretty impressive new tools for general modeling, and as C4D folks are always looking for inexpensive modeling solutions, I thought it was worth mentioning it here.

This is going on the hit list. Keep in mind, the exported results from CSG packages can be heavy as well. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Groboto’s evolved quite a bit in Gdoboto, and thus far I’ve been very happy with the improvements and changes made. Why should they have all the fun? I find the results quite acceptable. It offers some interesting modeling tools for procedural geometry generation, and elaborate boolean capabilities.

Darrell can you share any more new developments with tutoriap to use these maps in C4D?

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