Gry Garness liked a video 7 years ago. Gry Garness added to Favorites and liked 8 years ago From Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques DVD. Gry Garness Retouching Video Tutorials. Welcome to the Gry Garness Photoshop Video Tutorials channel. You’ll find more than 18 hours of tightly edited. It is with sadness we report that Gry Garness, a retoucher and trainer many of our readers will be familiar with, lost her battle with lung cancer.

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Cadiz de la Luz which can be seen garnss a slideshow, or with some info and words about this beautiful city. Such people remind me of those who say “wow dis tutorial is cool but I wuz distracted by the lady hehehehe ; ” I like her style but for the sake of discussion let’s assume we all find it disgusting.

Mastering Pen Tool Paths in Photoshop 31 min. Many warm thanks to all those who have followed my work over the years!

I have a real need to share my thoughts and experiences in my situation, and I hope I can give fresh perspective and a somewhat unusual approach to living and dying of lung cancer, especially as a relatively young person and a non-smoker. Countyhouse Graphics – September 9, Thats because beauty and cosmetic clients like their shots to look like this.

Well I think she is doing an incredible tarness.

John Hwe – September 9, Plastic head floating on a plastic neck. It can be applied to metal, wood plastic anything that needs to have a sheen created on it. Making Hair Shine 11 min. Retouching Lips garnses min.


Finally, I’ve left this comment until last because I hate when people say how attractive I am Delivering Image Files To Clients 8 min. Color Adjustments in Photoshop 30 min. Her instructions are not about pleasing your illogical brain, they are about teaching a set of tools or a tool if you consider photoshop to be one tool.

EricQ – September 9, Well I think she is doing an incredible work. Retouching Pet Photography 29 min. Brush Work In Photoshop Retouching 1 hour.

Retouching Eyebrows 20 min. You can either purchase a monthly subscription and get unrestricted access to the channel or rent tutorials individually. This training-video platform now has more content than the original DVD, and is aimed at the advanced audience. I do think her website could do with a bit of a revamp and I think some links to actual images in the youtube description might help; however, people are always going to do their very best at trying to impress me with their stupidity so perhaps it’s not worth the time.

Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness

This one is a tutorial on how to pop the highlights and create shimmer garnesx the skin. How long have I got? Retouching has been my day-job for a decade. Hair Retouching in Photoshop 30 min. Lots of new work recently added — more coming! I highly recommend anything Gry Garness has authored.

She also offers Photoshop training garnees people living in or willing to travel to London or Spain. Remodelling a Garmess in Photoshop 29 min. I own the DVD tutorial and I can tell you the skin texture is retained, also this particular technique uses the most highly retouched effect in the entire training dvd and is meant for the most retouched look, she even explains this clearly in the DVD.


She has a nice voice that is easy to listen to and she explains herself well without “um’s” and “argh’s. This DVD is the best training I’ve come across and my skills have vastly improved as a result.

Gry Garness Photo Retouching, Photoshop training & tutorials

Urgency about finishing projects. Philip Countyhouse Graphics – May gxrness, The plugin software on the market cannot create anything remotely good Now if she was an artist sharing her vision, it won’t be an issue with anyone, but if company use her work to advertise something I don’t think she is guilty of anything.

She mentions in the video that if the skin retouching yry absolutely perfect on the layers below that this effect will garnesd exaggerate the flaws. I found more satisfaction in helping others develop than to add to an already over-populated industry, where only sponsored rich kids or those who had really made it big-time could afford to be a photographers.

To find out more about the video channel or subscriptions check out the About the Retouching Video Tutorials page. If she creates disgusting image after disgusting image but we learn a lot from how she creates these images, does it really matter what they look like?

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