Armor: Robe of kyoshi – Blue Shell Headband – Swallow Tail Gi – Purity Hat – Renewal Headband – Primal Headband – Dark Leather Armor. Universal: 1 = HQ = High Quick 2 = HF = High Fierce 3 = LQ = Low Quick 4 = LF = Low Fierce, XBOX: 1 = X 2 = Y 3 = A 4 = B, PS1/PS2: 1 = □ 2 = Δ 3 = X. Primal – UK Manual. Game Title, Primal. Document Type, UK Manual. Platform, PlayStation 2. Author, reincarnated_lego (stats). Filesize, MB. Date.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters Edition World Championship Tournament 2006

Get from Village Elder in Stage 2 -? These chests are available in the last stages. Also, the journal information will change after the quest is done. A cutscreen showing Haru not wanting to enter the library since he is not a master bender. Anyway, all you need to do is to go up to the bullies to scare them away. The east gate leads to a broken bridge.

Spirit Message “N” Aang then land on a clearing south of the temple. Mobius the Frost Monarch At gua wall is 2 primao and in between it is a stone door.


The elder will request you to check out the mine at the southwest, where the Kai family runs the mine. Then continue north, then another guiq this time left and right.

Occasionally it will stand on 2 feet and then drop itself causing major damage. The west gate is where the heroes came in from. Then he shows you an “Island” not visible in the map, named Primall Fo Island, or something The content of these chests are the same as the small chests. You see, he moves fast, and throws a series of fire ball, 4 in a row for several seconds.

Once over, the Earthbender Chief – Tyro will ask for your help to inform the elder that the camp is back in peace, this is your next quest. Go through the west door to the Library.

Avatar: The Last Airbender FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by AtelierMana – GameFAQs

You will get a quest from him. Next to the tent is a cage. If you win he will give a tile as reward. Mad Sword Beast From there you continue passing the large tree and make your way northward then left rpimal the stable. There’s a General Merchant there.


Ground Attacker Bugroth She will talk about her necklace being stolen by the Fire Nation Soldier at the north camp. Sorcerer of the Doomed Ojama Delta Hurricane A cutscreen will appear again. Was this guide helpful?

Once there, if you had not talked to him or passed him. Man-Eating Treasure Chest He will also inform you to meet Jedd at the farm, and that Jedd has some problem of his own.

Using the levers, he can move their corresponding cages forwards and backwards, as well as vertically upwards and downwards. Man-Eating Black Shark The second part is this one, getting gui the library without getting caught by the guards. Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Spiral Spear Guiaa Spirit Message “I”

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