Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson. Commentary by Terry Winter Owens and Suzanne D. Smith. This book is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books. With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Editors’ Note. Gurdjieff wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson from through , and continued in later years to.

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This was my first foray into Gurdjieff and it was a difficult book to power through. I new gurdjoeff the first page that serious concentration was needed to read the book. Because of his help in the eradication of animal sacrifice on Earth, Beelzebub was pardoned from his sentence. Hearing what Ahoon called him, Hassein stopped in front of him, and, looking at him mischievously, said:.

Gurdjieff first mainly dictated Beelzebub’s Tales in Russian and Armenian between and[4] as he was initially unable to write personally because of his condition after the accident. View all 7 comments. talrs

All and Everything

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Beelzebub intended to say something more, but at that moment a ship’s servant entered and, approaching, handed him an “etherogram” in his name. This revised Fourth Chapter of Dr.

I first read Meetings With Remarkable Men after being given it by a man who I didn’t know and had only met once before briefly. It is explained that the human being is what one would call a three-brained being, which we can deduce to the fourth way and how there were three known ways to improve oneself as an individual.

In summary, it is certain to say that the very summarizing of All and everything is something that probably can not be done in an ordinary analysis. This book is written the same way, but requires ever more concentration. In my mind, this is one of the most unique books that I have read thus far. He then set about putting what he had learned into a form that would be understandable and meaningful to the Western world.

But the effort is certainly worth it, as it’s one of the most incredible, unique and thought-provoking books I’ve ever read. In my view, the major stumbling block is the opinion, that many readers seem to arrive at, that Gurdjieff is playing some sophisticated kind of joke on the reader. Gurdjieff said that he had answered every question that could possibly arise in a person’s mind [ citation needed ]. To stop this undesirable yales I might then still have had recourse to the aid of gurdjiefv maleficent property existing also in me, as beelzenubs contemporary man, which has become inherent in all of us, and which enables us, without experiencing any remorse of conscience whatever, to put off anything we wish to do “till tomorrow.

Gurdjieff reveals candidly in the opening pages of Beelzebub’s Tales that this First Series of his writings is for the real consciousness buried within us and is intended to “destroy without mercy” the conceptions and views that have become so firmly rooted because of centuries of people living abnormally. To assist the arising, in the mentation and in the feelings of the reader, of a veritable, non-fantastic representation not of that illusory world which he now perceives, but of the world existing in reality.


Although the solar system “Ors” had been neglected owing to its remoteness from the center and to many other reasons, nevertheless our LORD SOVEREIGN had sent from time to time HIS Messengers to the planets of this system, to regulate, more or less, the being-existence of the three-brained beings arising on them, for the co-ordination of the process of their existence with the general World Harmony.

That is why I now, also, setting forth on this venture quite new for me, namely, authorship, begin by pronouncing this utterance and moreover pronounce it not only aloud, but even very distinctly and with a full, as the ancient Toulousites defined it, “wholly-manifested-intonation” — of course with that fullness which can arise in my entirety only from data already formed and thoroughly rooted in me beelzebibs such a manifestation; data which are in general formed in the nature of man, by the way, during his preparatory age, and later, during his responsible life engender in him the ability for the manifestation of the nature and vivifyingness of such an intonation.

If you still after reading that book, find that gurdjiefg are intrigued, than I would recommend, perhaps, attempting this book.

Many corrections were made to the edition, but not all. And then, when you are quite free, come to me again and we will pass the time of our unavoidable delay in conversation useful for us all.

On this big space-ship Karnakthe passengers included the kinsmen and attendants of Beelzebub and also many beings who served on the ship itself. The reason of my joy is not egoism but only the coincidence which chances to be happy for me. Bellybutton and on and on. Is it because he tampered in the rational funstioning of the universe.

This many-yeared existence, unsuited to him, together with the perceptions unusual for his nature gurdjiwff the experiences not proper to his essence involved in it, had not failed to leave on his common presence a perceptible mark. Familiarity with the Gurdjieff work is not necessarily a prerequisite to receiving the book’s special gifts. Gurdjieff sets out to destroy only in order to create.

A Commentary on “Beelzebub’s Tales”

For such a possibility, ensuing from my language, or rather, strictly speaking, from the form of my mentation, I am, thanks to oft-repeated past experiences, already quite as convinced with my whole being as a “thoroughbred donkey” is convinced of the right and justice of his obstinacy. The agitation which pervaded the whole system affecting my feelings, and which resulted from cognizing that in the reader there must necessarily arise an unfriendly feeling towards me, at once quieted down as soon as I remembered the ancient Russian proverb which states: King Appolis who had been extremely conscientious in respect of the duties he had taken upon himself for the maintenance of the greatness of the community entrusted to him had spared neither his own labor nor wealth, and at the same time he demanded the same from all the beings of his community.


In the shop, the merchant, looking through the book he had asked for and which the salesman handed him, asked its price.

Beelzebub’s Tales is gurdjietf “ocean The teaching of G. During the conversation it was reported to Beelzebub that the captain of their ship wished to speak with him and to this request Beelzebub acceded. Many times the definition of those words is given later on in the text, which functionally necessitates more than one reading of the text. It must also be said that owing to all kinds of accidentally and perhaps not accidentally formed conditions of my youth, I have had to learn, and moreover very seriously and of course always with self-compulsion, to speak, read, and write a great many languages, and to such a degree of fluency, that if in following this profession unexpectedly forced on me by Fate, I decided not to take advantage of the “automatism” which is acquired by practice, then I could perhaps write in any one gurdjietf them.

The second of the mentioned vivifying factors, this time for the complete fusion of my dear grandmother’s injunction with all the data constituting my general individuality, was the totality of impressions received from information I chanced to acquire concerning the event which took place here gugdjieff us on Earth, showing the origin of that “principle” which, as it turned out according to the elucidations of Mr.

Hasn’t he himself, of his own free will, having weighed with his wise reason all the circumstances of this unforeseen event, decided to make a stop which evidently doesn’t upset his intended plans very much? Sometimes, repetition is exhausting, but the manuscript itself teaches how we must pass through a situation for the ‘cristalization of being-mentation’.

Gurdjieff’s ideas about the transformation of Man, the effects of that transformation upon the fate of this planet are just as vital as when he proposed them over half a century ago.

Inevitably, we are faced with the recognition of how small and insignificant we are in the Universe, which sometimes can result in certain anxiety. Gurdjieff warned us in his introduction not to expect the kind of literature to which we are generally accustomed. And it would be impossible owing solely to the atmospheres gkrdjieff most of the cosmic concentrations, which atmospheres would hinder the straight falling of the object dropped in space.

Feb 16, Daniel Schalit rated it it was amazing. But notwithstanding all our efforts and the measures we have adopted we have been unable so far to accomplish anything.

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