GURPS Character Sheet (GCS) is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying. 0. Name. Player. Point Total ______ 0. Ht ______ Wt ______ Size Modifier ______. Age ______ Unspent Pts ______. Appearance. CHARACTER SHEET. None (0)= BL: Light (1)= BL x 2: Med (2)= BL x 3: Hvy (3)= BL x 6: X-Hvy (4)= BL x BM x 1: BM x BM x BM x BM x Dodge: Dodge

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Last updated on December 3, Path skills no longer default to the core skill and all spells are Average techniques instead of Hard. Have you ever needed to build a power that was affected by either one limitation or a different one, but not both at the same time characger.

GURPS 4e Interactive/Fillable PDF Character Sheet – Steve Jackson Games Forums

What makes it a great value, however, is the useful supplemental material that it comes with. This change is due to equal parts game-balance and realism. Size Modifier decreasing refunded points. In addition to shrinking the “Notes” box to make more room for Hand Weapons, you can also shrink the “Ranged Weapons” box for even more room. You don’t have the specialized training that any of the other templates have, but you’re quick and clever and the fates are definitely watching out for you.

How about a card game with a great sense of humor that doesn’t sacrifice good gameplay for the laugh? This bodes well gurp all.


A resource page for

They have -1 Acc, -1 HT, and -1 Malf. I tend to tweak this file a lot, so come back often. Prerequisites, defaults, and trait adjustments for skills all work properly. As far as I can tell, the trait calculations are all working fine with positive points that is, spending points to improve. I’ll be using those rules instead.

You can add your suggestions to the right. As usual, superb article showing your thought process and closing quite a few gaps on my incipient GURPS knowledge. Sign in now Forgot password? Because there’s a table involved, this house rule is located on its own page. And your strength of will isn’t related to how smart you are, otherwise nerds would intimidate jocks, not the other way around. Includes the examples FAQ and a directory page.

GURPS 4th edition, half-page. B — it rolls against straight HT, no bonus.

The instructions above work for Firefox; using Chrome I just had to set the margins to ‘minimum’ and layout to ‘landscape’ the printout was in black-and-white, though. As of this writing, it has racial templates for the Klingons, Ullians they were in a single TNG episodeand an amphibious player-created race called the Nadissians.

Originally Posted by mook Oops, apparently it is something I can do on my end who knew? Arm DX costs 9 or 12 points for one or two arms. Originally Posted by mook. Hit Points can represent a lot more than just weight, and Strength is often a better gauge of mass and bulk.


If you’re unfamiliar with Nobilis I strongly recommend perusing the page. Dorst posted translations of everything on the forumswhich I’ve edited and formatted into this PDF. Bunnies and Burrows game I ran at Gatewayas outlined here. April 14, Also available for individual edltion.

First, I simply fill in some of the details at the top of the sheet: One of my pet peeves is the persistent meme that Weirdness Magnet is hardly a editio.

So I created this file. This makes it a fair deal for wealthy characters while reducing abuse from poor ones. Now that mental skills cost more per level, it’s unbalancing to make IQ cost less. Originally Posted by mook Happy to hear any feedback and suggestions for improvement. April 20, Also available for individual download.

As a bonus, this file now includes a list of Wildcard! September 6, Locus: Instead they are single line text fields. I’ve tried to optimize the descriptions for that choice. You can even include character art: Signature Gear no longer provides funds; it simply adds plot protection to gear that you’ve already purchased.

Toplease Login. You are the seventh son of a seventh son or daughter — the “son” part is just traditiona blessed wanderer, or a peasant adventurer.

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