GURPS Character Sheet (GCS) is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying. 0. Name. Player. Point Total ______ 0. Ht ______ Wt ______ Size Modifier ______. Age ______ Unspent Pts ______. Appearance. CHARACTER SHEET. None (0)= BL: Light (1)= BL x 2: Med (2)= BL x 3: Hvy (3)= BL x 6: X-Hvy (4)= BL x BM x 1: BM x BM x BM x BM x Dodge: Dodge

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The Alchemist a lens for the Artificer template. Home Amy Nathaniel Jim Adrian.

Character sheet

The original Happy Jacks video — the source file — is available here on YouTube. That said, you have to do it just right for it to work.

Modifying Spells is an easy answer to the question, “How can I make my fireball homing? It’s well worth a look or two. This change attempts to fix that issue. April 14, Also available for individual download. Fans of the strip will find much to edtion here, as will any gamer that enjoys settings, characters, and adventures with a bizarre sense of humor.

GURPS needed this more than other gaming systems might. In my experience, complete static is easily worth twice as much as resistible static. Infinite Worlds is easily one of my favorite settings, though trying to keep track of how all of the departments interact can be tricky, especially when it comes to remembering exactly where the United Nations fit in. Preparation Required has an “Immediate” version. It’s all done with tables, so you can fill editipn in on the computer and print it out.


Then, if I still have unspent CP, I go back through the list and put extra points into the skills I think are most character defining. This may also be the update in which the random character generator was introduced.

That looks like it’ll be quite a handy little sheet. Includes the examples FAQ and a directory page.

Creating a GURPS Character – Modern, Part 1 – Game Geekery

This gives me a total of an extra 25 CP to spend -5 for Sense of Duty, for Impulsiveness, -5 for Overconfidence, and -5 for five Quirks. All information taken from this forum post. This is a breakdown of the power groups and the abilities which they comprise which are available to psis and anti-psis in my Traveller games. As the rules are written now, if you know e. My players just never seem to use it.

The real world has thousands of active languages, but that doesn’t mean that a game should. So I created this file. Find More Posts by panton It has since been made official and is part of the latest data file update available at the GCA support page.

After sparking a discussion about this with several veteran gamers, I’ve tried to condense the key issues and solutions down to a single article. I posit that if the ability to completely shut down every psi within yards, no matter how skilled or powerful they areis worth points, then the ability to merely make it difficult for them to use their psi should be closer to 75 points than to points.


MyGURPS – A resource page for GURPS Fourth Edition

If you’re at all like me, you’ve wondered if it’s worth the extra loading time and memory to add in all of the “source book” GDFs just to give your players access to the Talents therein. A set of ground rules and a modifier for characters who use their Modular Abilities to build “super gadgets” like “Density Nullification Rays” and “Teleportation Belts”.

Also, there may be a valid in-game reason to intentionally give an NPC a different language, but if so, that automatically becomes a plot point — players should think, “Huh, that’s interesting that he speaks Lakota — I’ll have to make a note of that,” not, “Damn, that lying GM never told us that we had to learn Lakota, too!

Opera crashes when I load the NPC sheet page – wtf? Dorst posted translations of everything on the forumswhich I’ve edited and formatted into this PDF. Here’s a similar enhancement for Striking ST that makes it a more reasonable purchase in games offering Innate Attacks.

Expanded Rules for Alternative Abilities.

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