Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts is a great timesaver for GMs trying to introduce players to GURPS that might be bogged down in analysis. The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts lightly armed thug. Loadout lenses provide choices web page is for subsets . Get the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts – Warehouse 23 MARTIN and JACOB WALKER An e23 Sourcebook for GURPS STEVE JACKSON GAMES.

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A set of templates from the third edition Prime Directive book that didn’t make it into the fourth edition.

Recommended – spending discretionary money on as much poison as you can smear on an arrowhead. Filtering Options All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages.

These Conversions are unofficial which made them unsuitable for inclusion in the data files that came in the December data update.

Every set gives the skills needed to use it, total weight, overall cost, and advice on trading points for cash or Signature Gear to afford it. This book is a surprise to me. Load it gueps the Basic Set 3rd Ed.

  CAFC 680 PDF

GCA Repository

They value being enduring over being reasonable, and prefer a direct approach over subtlety their fajtasy to rattle and squeak usually ruins subtle efforts. The book is organized just about as well as it possibly could be, with the 16 main templates having their loadouts listed in alphabetical order.

If you like the idea of doing dungeo in a group, I bet it’s pretty fun, but I hate printing things that I can try not to print. A large group of Kabeiroi usually degenerates into a loud argument. Also, a generic “Group Kit” with some necessities that all groups need, but don’t need N copies of.

He hits people in the back of the head with a flail and feels better about himself afterwards.

Warehouse 23 – Warehouse 23

Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at It contains templates, traits, and equipment. Remember how when a template is introduced it gives advice on loadoutts building options to focus talents to a particular goal? Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Revised data file more compatible with GCA4 and its sheets. Big, dumb, and Ugly. Gun Fu — Wed Jul 06, Kobold Racial Template — Tue Sep 11, Before digging into the “main” templates, we are given some generic necessity loadouts everyone needs, camping supply, food, water, etc.


Elementals — Sun Jul 18, There are times when you want to pick out and tweak every last item of equipment for your new fantasy hero.

This is a data file for DF 14 Psi. But, should work for anyone. I intend to implement Size Modifier selection eventually.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts

Elementals — Sun Jul 18, Filtering Options All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages. There is nothing wrong with the concept of these printable sheets.

This is a data file for DF 14 Psi. It almost feels like it was a dungdon element of the original templates when I look at them now, they are so useful. The book is absolutely all content.

Add Divine Favor to your dungeon crawls. Grimoire Small — Mon Loavouts 01,

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