From battle- suited space marines to giant walking tanks, GURPS. Mecha covers the entire mecha genre! In this book you’ll find: • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step. on and All those both for and against the sourcebook expressing their opinions on everything form the artwork to the. Ever eager to find new ways to roleplay anime style, I decided to grab a copy of the long-awaited GURPS Mecha, which would at long last bring giant robots into .

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As for how to get them out of the mech.

GURPS Mecha Art Gallery

Strong, but with no cheese in it. Originally Posted by lachimba What are the implications of using mechs as characters over just something from Ultratech. Find More Posts by zuldan. Find More Posts by Maz.

GURPS MECHA campaign – Steve Jackson Games Forums

I would buy the hell out of that. The mechx are fairly easy to adapt to a RPG. Hi all, While reading the basic set and powers last night i started thinking about how easy it would be to design Mechs and all vehicles with 4th edition rules rather than the meha rules from 3rd Edition. Or you could run the mecha combat only with something like the Wushu rules, and stick to Gurps for everything else.


They wont really be able to use the mechs will they? Legacya game of masters and apprentices for two players and a GM. Statting the mecha as characters is doable, but a lot of work. Mecha need a space opera style combat system. And a detailed campaign world, Cybermech Damocles! In the pages of Mecha you’ll find:. Mecha are best emulated by super powers and a hearty suspension of disbelief.


Balance of power shifted on Earth with discovery of new weapon tech. Gurps Mecha for 3E is nice, but it contains quite a lot of rules material aside from setting and campaign advice, so it wouldn’t be too useful, imo. Page 1 of 2. The difference isn’t gjrps much that I can easily use most of my 3rd edition books.

Character creation rules for mecha-genre characters and cinematic aliens. It gkrps nothing more than their equipment or uniform. Find More Posts by Verjigorm. Think of it like a tank. An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to building mecha.

Last edited by lachimba; at Are you talking Mechs, like BattleTech or Chrome Hounds where they’re fairly slow and plodding and just an advanced tank. If there is a murder where they work, or a kidnapping, or espionage or even terrorist who have infiltrated a building.


Avatar of Furude Setsunaby Telasi. The New World, Part 9: I would really like to see a game made by Obryn, Kurald Galain, and Knaight from these forums. As for typical mech adventures, just a read a Battletech novel or two.

I’ll mostly ecco what others have said. Originally Posted by lachimba How should a mech adventure differ from a typical adventure in an Ultratech setting where one or more of the characters own Battle suits? GURPS Robots — Detailed rules for designing, building, and playing robots — from the tiniest nanobots to the mightiest megabots.

All times are GMT The time now is Find More Posts by zorg. Sean Punch pages. It’s all about the internal struggle of the mechz and their ability to learn from their mistakes. The time now is My thoughts were to give the mechs some sort of AI and maybe modular abilites.

They’re combat vehicles and you give them a stat line just like any other vehicle.

Written by David L.

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