List of Perks GURPS Psionic Powers Anti-Psi Perks 24, Astral Projection Perks 29, Ergokinesis Perks 35, ESP Perks 42, Probability Alteration Perks 44, Psychic . ESP Perks. F. Ferocious Beard · Fiery Resolve · First Strike. G. GURPS Power- Ups 2: Perks. L. Long Thumbs. M. Magical abilities can coexist with anti-magical . GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks – Penny Candy for Your Character! Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks.

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Re “Always Check Your Messages”: Perks introduced a new girps that I loved immediately: List Of your favorite Custom Perks why don’t perks have combat use?

The GM may award you a special roll to notice items of interest related to those targets — threats, attempts at Stealth or Shadowing, or other points of interest — or may give you a small bonus if anyone would get such a roll. I dont mind some debate.

Find More Posts by zorg. The broader its scope — the bigger and more numerous the meddlesome tasks it lets you waive — the greater the requirements that the GM might set.

List Of your favorite Custom Perks Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. As Perks suggests, money, tools, or other items may be required for an SOP.

But don’t overlook the benefits of keeping your SOPs short and simple!


Gurps Power-ups 2. perks

On the road again An SOP is a minor advantage that often gets some useful task done. Find More Posts by Rocket Man.

Find More Posts by GnomesofZurich. However, the GM may penalize your attempts to notice things other than that focus when the SOP is in play.

Then it must be a Sunday. Or that some other task failed because the SOP consumed the character’s attention. With the above in mind, give a thought to how “big” your SOP should be. The dedicated rear guard won’t likely be the first to spot threats coming from other directions. Enjoying your Games Diner meal? Stands up to casual observation, but might be blown if anyone decides to do some deeper investigation.

You do know that a little eggshell in the French toast adds calcium, right? Unless the GM is really generous, the PC with an SOP that says “You care for all of the party’s animals at the end of the day” won’t be able to claim a lot of free hours for studying magic by the campfire. Still seems pretty beneficial combat wise since you have a more powerful weapon. Wouldn’t that still be a limited advantage? Date – newest first Date – oldest first. Find More Posts by Anders.

Perks – GURPS Repository

Oh, and this one, even though it’s about shticks. The greater the requirements for an SOP, the more leeway the GM has to declare that the SOP partially or fully failed to kick in because the conditions weren’t met.

Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. Perks will find a warm welcome, judging from this, this, this, this, this and this thread. Find More Posts by naloth.


Page 1 of Success may be a given if the task is easy enough or the PC is capable enough that no roll should be needed. Find More Posts by Phantasm. List Of your favorite Custom Perks Wouldn’t that still be a limited advantage? You can carry and use one weapon that would normally be illegal for someone to carry under local laws i.

The important fine print: Likewise, an SOP that says “You keep your vehicle fully repaired” will accomplish little in a wasteland without critical tools and parts. It saves the player the hassle of. The time now is Not only that but as long as nobody is looking you seem to magically change into them in a matter of seconds maybe 1 or 2. Perks ‘ “Off-Screen Reload” does nothing if you’re out of ammo.

Several automate actions that practically define the adventurer PC Reaching into your pocket for a pen but you pull out something else 3 Always has X when someone needs something you always have it. Post new comment Your name. There seems to be quite some interest in Perks.

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