Gurps – Psi – Tech – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis presented the people who wield them, and GURPS Psionic Campaigns showed . For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and.

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Naturally-occurring ps-tech in Final Fantasy VIII can be extracted and collected by technological means, at which point it becomes known as “Para-Magic,” and it psi-tecch then be put to use in further technology.

At one point, Reed had to actually learn how to wield magic from Doctor Strange in order to fight Doom. The Luckiest Smurf story “Smurfette’s Inner Beauty”, Hogatha the witch uses a magic mirror social network called Magebook in order to find a date. How much does the public know — and how does it react? Unleash Your Soul — This issue includes an in-game justification to introduce the psionic packages from Psis into your own setting!

Worlds of Psionics

Now I’m reading them on the bus. We have now reproduced a superior version of Damascus Steel with the mystical ‘carbon nanotube’. The Imaskari focused on dimensional magic. Nikita Khrushchev claiming Soviet Union has entire armies of wizards? The divine exists in cyberspace same as out here. This is much more energy-efficient and cheaper than using single-purpose magic; a levitation spell, for example, would cost far more than lining a tunnel with generic magical fields and letting the natural reaction of the ancryst crystals propel a platform.

Selena was kidnapped and used for “fate-alteration” experiments. So in effect, all their technology is Magitek, because all of it works in large part because of the magical effects of orkish confidence. The vignette on p.

The Lost Empire works by application of their Power Crystals. The Amazing Engine game had a setting actually called Magitechset in a version of The ’90s with crystal ball TVs, elemental-powered cars, and so on. All over the place in the Lyrical Nanoha universe, though most notable in the third season where this is lampshaded by Fate giving an As You Know speech about how the TSAB’s civilization literally discarded conventional technology because magic was more advanced and safer.


Powerful creatures called “Primal Beasts” exist, and some of them can be used to power-up airship cannons, and can act as an energy source.

GURPS Psionic Powers | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It explores the paranormal interface grups mind and machine. Ratchet describes them as fusions of magic and technology. For instance, air conditioning uses wind magic and, instead of “cellphones”, everyone’s walking around with “scries” that do the same thing. Shin Megami Tensei games frequently feature portable electronic devices called COMPS that automatically perform the complex magical ritual of summoning demons into the mortal world.

Equinox is one of the oldest examples and may be the oldest put to film. In Fantastic FourMr. This also means no satellites. The interface of magic versus technology seems to be flipped between humans and elves; this is explained by the fact that elves are inherently magical, but are weak on the mechanical side — to compensate for this weakness, they poured all their development of magical abilities into enhancing the gurpa and physical world.

Magic isn’t strictly necessary for the Ork’s tech to work, it just helps it perform at peak and even beyond efficiency. Hrm, missed Kromms post at 11am somehow.

Heinlein ‘s novel Glory Roadwhere magic is treated like Real Life treats psi-gech. And another one was the Illefarn nation, inhabited by elves and dwarves. The codexes tend to ascribe their abilities to technology, the fluff to psychic power. Tavi and Bernard eventually apply technology and furycrafting to create catapults that launch spheres loaded with tiny fire furies that essentially serve as incendiary cluster bombs, which prove to be the single most devastating weapon in the history of Gufps.

Magic machines are ubiquitous in An Octave Higher. It makes things so easy, it will seem like we read your mind. The Burning Legion’s spaceships, fel reavers and psi-fech machines represent a darker form psi-tecu magitech: Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics has a history of Magitech, though most of that is lost by the time the game starts.


Gurps Psi-Tech love The alternate psi-bomb payloads idea didn’t get mentioned I see: There is also the term Technomancy — the school of magic that specializes in controlling or improving existing technology with magic.

Most of it is used by the Buro military and elite agents, offering a power boost in exchange for bent magic getting sent into your system like a virus whenever you use it.

There are also some cases of technology based on sufficiently advanced magic, ;si-tech is itself disguised sufficiently advanced technology. Essentially the gist of Gem technology in Steven Universewhich is undoubtedly highly-advanced, but also mystical. Then along came computers, which could cast those incantations millions of times in quick succession until the desired result occurred. Psionics II — Extensive information on the Overmind Institute, plots lots of other additions perfect for a psionic campaign!

It also leads pdi-tech into technological blind spots, however, such as when the Alerans fight the Canimwho psi-teech get by on their superhuman strength and toughness coupled with skilled engineering.

At one point, the series states plainly that anything magic can accomplish, technology can do too, and vice versa. The Jedi in Star Psi-ech are within spitting distance of this, although they’re more a matter of magic coexisting with a technological world than of magic displacing technology.

As horrifying as it was, Yawgmoth’s magitek was so impressive that Urza, the artificer planeswalker who had dedicated his life to fighting Phyrexia, fell psi-tefh his knees and pledged himself to Yawgmoth because he saw Phyrexia as everything he ever wanted. Other nations do too but to a lesser extent because the main source of magitek is The University, located in the Commonwealth.

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